Tuesday, May 20, 2014

totally awesome

heyy gs.  sorry i missed posting last time!

i was out at a stand up comedy show with seth in bloomington and i didn't realize it would be so late.  it was really fun though!

wow those sodas sound really good hob!

nice stuff you gs got at springcon!  that reminds me, have you gs watched the show comic book men on netflix?  i started watching that recently and it is really fun.

oooh also star trek into darkness is on netflix now.  should i watch it?

nice drawings!!

haha when i was in bloomington i was playing this board game with cm, seth and nathan and in the board game there was a planet named loki!

ahhh miriam is getting so cute!  she can crawl so fast now!  i think she can crawl faster than i can!! haha.  we really need to convince nathan and kasandra and miriam to come to tg this year.  my mom and i have been looking for new tg houses to stay in this year and i think we've found some good ones!

idk if you've seen it but i thought you gs might like this music video that came out recently!

also this movie looks really good!

here's something for the game:
what i ate today:

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