Friday, May 16, 2014

the widow eats the hawk

heyyyy gs

bleh im so tired

every night im so tired but i just wanna do what i wanna do but im so tired

ok you got me im spider-man

idk why they drew that. why does every one draw bucky w a ponytail if thats not based on real. jk thats fine and good to do and also he supposedly has that in our show. wow

idk when will target come

ok ill just destroy myself

cool tasm2 thoughts

cool soda pics gob. in duluth we went to a soda store and i got a pineapple soda and a pineapple cocnut nutmeg soda and mandarin and orange soda the same as the one you had at that one place in knoxville

alright buddies i kno we wanted our posts to suck a lil bit but we still want to have good posts to read if we wanna go back and read em so idk. im just so tired

wait para you didnt answer my very real question about nick fury. well really i just wanna kno why is he white in this thing

today was pretty glug and a lil weird.thats all i have to say. bleh this is literally the longest week ever and it still wont end cuz i have one more day in it. and then my one day weekend :). but theres a longer week to come

bleh i want to see cap2 again. tbh. anyway thats my struggle

bleh i need to play that game some time

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