Saturday, May 3, 2014

the deadly designs of the goat!

Hey gs!!!!!

Dangit why did Gob say his Friday post was gonna be great but then he didn't even post???  Just why

Also dangit I said I was gonna be off of the internet on these days to avoid tasm2 spoilers but I aint

Well we all say things we don't mean I guess

Maybe I'll try again tomorrow or maybe after this post who knows

Well I just got back from a Cloud Cult concert it was amazing!!!!

I'm hungry as the bees but the store aint open yet dangit


Yeah dang Buck but also that's still small of him and he didn't mean it




No it was flashbacks to when Doc Ock was Doc Ock trying to kill Spider-Man so it wasn't even really Superior Spider-Man at all. 

Tru bc when you think about happy PeterMJs thats usually still awful bc they aint even happy anymore so it's all worthless

Maybe it was your dream maybe that one dream I had about you going shopping w that g was your dream and our dreams just got into each others head accidentally.  Or maybe we did that Inception thing and didn't know it

Yeah I know there's the thing about cracking eggs w one hand but still wow

Oh I see.  Well haha I wish there was a special place to make lil Marvel guys but you gotta work w what you got

Wtf why would Peter Parker be in a Spider-Man costume he's not Spider-Man! That would be impossible because he takes Spider-Man's pictures and also he doesn't even like spiders plus he is a weakling so that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard.

Same three hulks is what we have been waiting for!!!!!

Yeah I'm pretty sure Bucky's hair was never cut bc if they were gonna cut it then you'd think they would have done it before it reached that impractical length that it was in that movie bc really he's like trying to kill people and his hair keeps blowing around and getting in his eyes like wtf.  Okay according to my google search hair grows about six inches a year.  Was his hair more than six inches longer then it was in Cap1 I have no idea.

Aw g I need that disc drive

No after I graduate I'm just moving to Morris permanently it's the place to be.  Haha jk yeah I mean in general. 

Yeah I guess I could get to a comic book store every week if I really wanted to but that would be expensive plus buying all the comics would also be expensive it wouldn't be a million dollars but 

Dang that rusty store didn't have Free Comic Book Day this year I guess.  I walked all the way there for nothing.

Ooooooooo icqcme to go to Target w my g!

Well that flapping game is easier than other flapping games it seems like usually I can't even get past like the first one so

Nah Sam and Dean don't have a Sam Wilson in their life that is what they were missing all along.  If they had him it would be a completely different show bc their lives would be perfect

Aw g I'm really sad about you not being able to come get me too.

Aw g that time when we watched rpdr was the best time that's what I keep thinking about dangit

Tyt for recording snl for me

Tyt about my day

Well I don't know the cover can be a surprise I guess but I'm really curious I can't even take a guess bc there's like 50 dif covers I think.  Wow that's surprising to me that Alex Kouhi didn't remember you.

Yeah tru I did like Natasha and Steve's relationship in that movie I just wish that one line about the bikini had been taken out and also that line that Steve says after they kiss like when Natasha asks if he's uncomfortable and he says something like that's not the word I would use I don't know those parts just seemed really weird to me but other than that yeah bc I like them as friends and for the most part that's what they were like.  Yeah haha I saw this thing that was like Cap2 is basically just Natasha, Sam, and Bucky competing to be Steve's bff and icqcml at that.

I never thought about how red Target is but yeah it is

I wanna read Cap v5 too but I don't got it. Maybe I will get it after finals. Just skip the Civil War stuff maybe it don't matter

Idk I think most people like Civil War?????  I've seen a few ppl that don't care about it but it's generally considered to be like the best event so idk.  I mean nobody likes what happens in it bc it's sad but I think most people like it

Nice day

Aw g what was the pic of??


Awww yeah I got some food


Amazing Spider-Man #1
*Thirteen years ago okay I guess that makes Peter 28
*Okay Ramos's art still isn't my favorite but it does look better than it did during Goblin Nation.  Or maybe it's just better suited for this issue I don't know
*Oh buddy...oh pal...this is just...
*Wow I shouldn't have been worried about embarrassing Peter with that dancing video bc I forgot that Peter can embarrass himself just fine on his own.
*Just kidding this isn't really his fault but
*This issue has already sold over half a million copies oh buddy
*But I like how everyone in the building is like shocked and disgusted and then there's one woman that's just really enjoying it
*Okay Peter looks really small tho
*"We just had a big "P" break" lol
*Peter is a big lying liar who lies why do we even like this guy
*It's not like Peter hasn't disappeared for weeks at a time before though or are we forgetting Secret Wars?
*Ock's proposal sounds like the most cliche proposal ever jeez I can't imagine a life without you blah blah blah
*Yes shove Parker Industries in that hole just do it
*Ugh pls tell me we're not going to have ghost Ock or whatever
*Does Sajani want him to just throw all that stuff away I mean shouldn't they give it to Spider-Man I mean it's really his like for example the FF suit they didn't even make that the FF gave it to him so
*I like how basically the whole reason Ock got Peter his phd was so people would call him doctor and now Peter is like um don't call me doctor
*What is it with that robot and refreshing beverages like did Ock drink a lot of refreshing beverages and program the robot to offer him one every five minutes or
*Um sorry to tell you Pete but New Yorkers calling you a creep and yelling at you to get lost is as square one as it gets yep that's just how it is
*You didn't endear yourself to the citizens of New York or the cops or the Avengers either for a long time soooo
*"motif mo problems"
*What if you were stripped naked and your first thought was nooo my mask
*I really appreciate that the two people's reactions we see to naked Spider-Man are Johnny and MJ I feel very validated in my ships haha
*Oh and I guess the Avengers but that's not the same
*Although Cap apparently does feel the need to lean in as close as possible to the screen and stare at it intently
*Also wow Jess has such a low opinion of Pete jeez
*The webs look like a diaper lol
 *Are you serious this footage is hd enough to see his freckles oh my god
*Wow I'm so uncomfortable Pete is so uncomfortable Ock why did you do this
*Jeez this issue is just full of consent issues like first of all Skein stripping him second of all those people takings pics and video of him naked and putting it on the internet and third of all Peter finding out that Ock had sex with Anna while in his body which is horrible for not only her because she didn't know she was having sex with a super villain who had swapped bodies with Spider-Man but also for him because he obviously didn't want that to happen I mean ghost Pete begged Ock not to do it he was pretty clear on his opinion about that
*Am I supposed to care about this Electro part because I do not.
*Destroy white guy Electro
*I'm so sad for Felicia I hate Ock I hate him I hate him I hate him
*Oh my god Felicia is fearless she touched a spider
*Felicia's new outfit looks cool and wow it's zipped all the way up!
*lol Game of Thrones spoilers dang that would be useful if your spider-sense could warn you of spoilers though I wish I had that rn tbh
*Okay so the people that know Peter secret id...MJ, Miles, Bucky, Carlie, Anna Maria, Carol, Julia Carpenter,  Sue, Steve, Kaine, Stephen Strange, Johnny, Logan, Clint, Jessica Drew, Ben Grimm, Luke, Danny, Jessica Jones, Danielle, Bobbi, Reed, and the Jackal
*But wait if Miles is in there shouldn't you also count the ENTIRE ULTIMATE UNIVERSE
*Though I guess they know ult Pete's but they don't necessarily know 616 Pete's they haven't all met him I guess but still some of them have ult Gwen ult Fury ult Aunt May
*Dang I miss my game that's all I have to say about this 2099 part
*Jk I also have to say that that g is awesome she's not afraid to die and she yelled at Spider-Man
*Wow Peter looks so small in this Kaine part too with his lil hat omg
*Also his New York accent eeeeee
*Peter you can't judge people for turning into giant spiders how many times have you turned into a giant spider yourself come on
*"that you were really annoying" omg
*I like this part I don't think it was just an ad for New Warriors I think it was a good and necessary addition to Scarlet Spider because Peter never did get to see the life that Kaine had built in Houston.  Also I just like when Peter and Kaine call each other their brothers
*Okay but this Learning to Crawl part like it's supposed to take place thirteen years ago that's what we learned at the beginning of the issue, right?  But that's still way back in 2001 and this doesn't look like 2001 to me there weren't laptops or phones like that or youtube back in 2001 soooo
*Lil baby wrestler Pete awww
*Why don't you just call a cop on your cellphone doiiiiiii
*Aaaand I didn't read the Inhuman part because I don't care

Phew okay that's it

Okay here's a thing about my day.  I woke up and then I chilled and then I walked to the store to see if they had free comic books for Free Comic Book Day but they didn't and I looked around to see if I could find something for Noah for his bday but I didn't even know what he would want and they didn't really have anything interesting there and there were a lot of yucky boys there so I left and I went to the dollar store quickly to look for a present for Noah but they also didn't have anything interesting there except for an Avengers ball that had Falcon and Black Widow on it!!!  I was really excited about that but I didn't buy it because I didn't want to have to carry it back and we already have a lot of balls.  And then I chilled some more and then I went to the Cloud Cult concert and then I started writing this post and then I ate some dinner and then I wrote this post some more.

Okay this picture was taken right after they stopped playing but I just wanted to take a pic
You can kind of see the paintings that they painted during the show one was a wolf and one was like a bird and stuff.

The concert wasn't as enjoyable as last time though because for one it was outside and I was kind of cold especially towards the end and it was more acoustic because they have an unplugged album coming out which is fine but I like the normal songs better. But it was still really great!

I know you're thinking, hey Para it's almost finals week why didn't you study today, but hello first of all I already had one of my finals, so I only have three left, second of all one of them is online and will probably be super easy so I'm not even planning to study for that very much even and third of all I don't have an actual final to take until Tuesday which is three days away and it's my American lit final which you can't really study that much for anyway.  And my only other final is not until Thursday and I'm really not worried about that one either so thanks for your concern but I'll start studying tomorrow dwai

Hey if you didn't know there's gonna be a new Storm series coming out in July!!!!!!  I'm so happy!!!!!!!!

I'm just adding random things to this post because I have nothing better to do. Except study. Jk bc I'll do that tomorrow dwai I said

Waaaaaait I have piccies I think!!!

This is Steve and Bucky obviously and okay the reason they are shirtless is because clothes are hard to draw

And this is Pete and Gwen because we need to appreciate this ship we need to remember our love for it so that this movie can be really good to us


Okay I guess that's all have a nice day!

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