Tuesday, May 13, 2014

slavengers slasslemble

heyyyyyyyyy gs

aw g well you seem to kno bout the identity of spider-man and you ok. unless you are spider-man...................what were we tlakin about again

ooo i think ive seen that fanart. i dont think that was based on real tho. i guess his hair coulda potentially been that long in the comics. not 48 inches but an amount long. but for what. i guess he coulda cut it himself. one time he was shaving his face. tho that was a special circumstance where he like ran off to new york of his own free will and stuff so maybe thats not usual. what were we talkin about again

target could come any time really

well i cant imagine regretting seeing tasm2 but. hm maybe dad just didnt want spider-man to come for him

aw g i want bucky to come for me and destroy me and throw me in the trash where i belong and then throw himself in the trash where he also belongs in a different trashcan far away from me

nice tasm2 thoughts. ill say mine later and respond to some

nice talk about comics. wait is white nick fury a dif man that black nick fury? or is that jus a small joke

nice winter solider!!

nice spider-men gob

ok hm today i went to the bookstore and para went along and we just chilled and had some muffies and i read a lil hawkeye and then we were hungry as bears and we had some yummi sandwiches and then got home and did some really nice blogging and i got some comics frm para and then we went to see tasm2 again and had chinese at the food court and saw the thing and died a good death

bleh theres not really time to respond to paras tasm2 thoughts and say my own stuff. ill just say some quick thoughts


*that was a really good movie like just a good movie
*wow i pm cried from when gwen died to the end of the movie espec the first time just cuz everything was happenin so much. i wasnt expecting this for me
*ok this second time we saw it i really got the vibe from the last scene w aunt may that she knew peter is spider-man idk thats my thought
*tbh gwen and peters relationship kinda looked a mess i thought like in every scene they had together like like broke up and got back together 5 times what even. oh well. they still had their good times. and gwen was really great. espec in that one scene and that other scene and her speech and other
*pete was small
*i loved electro
*pete and harry wht the fresh heck
*bleh the part that possibly has mj in it keeps going by too fast for me to see if shes there. but now i remember what part its after so next time i'll kno to look for her


just normla post finishing sttfuf

hers  my game


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