Monday, May 19, 2014

i want my blood back

heyyyyyyyyyyy gs

ok where the heck is gob. just where


tru that bucky in a ponytail is the smallest man but

ok i thought white n black nick fury were the same guy and they just like started drawin him black bc of some kinda reason which seemed normal but i guess that aint what we have

i wanna see tasm2 again but mostly i wanna see cap2 again so

nice dayyy

ok heres what i got at springcon. im gonna try and kno it all w/out getting up and seeing:

*captain america #33
*captain america #50
*captain america #600
*women of marvel trade vol 2

thats the stuff. it was kinda hard to kno what to get since i just started reading comics but i still got some good stuff. tho para stole my best stuff right out from under me. jk

nice game pic

today i went to work and trained a g and that was some good cuz it made the time go by fast but some bad cuz i wanted to read some comics but whatev. then i had rain on me and then i had to drive moms car in the rain cuz i had driven it to work cuz dads car didnt have a good amount of gas and it was like ok this rain isnt what i wanted for this drive but when i got home i loved the rain. and then i took a nap and then i had some soup and then watched the slavengies

whoa boy i keep forgetting to show off my lil ones




steve n bucky:

loki n thor. i think:


i made these the other day

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