Thursday, May 8, 2014

elevate your leg

heyy gs.

yeah i had heard about lupita being in star wars but it is just a rumor at this point.  just like there was a rumor going around that benedict cumberbatch would be in star wars which i'm pretty sure is completely false.

that stuff you ate yesterday looks really good and yummy hob!!!!

so does that chocolate cupcake para!!

idk why but at first i thought that picture of your roommate was hob....

nice vid para!!!!

aw g there's not much to say about my day because i had a pretty uneventful and boring day.  and i have a big headache now.

this is a cool song that came out pretty recently!

ok i will try to do one of the hard ones for the game today:

or maybe not actually because it is getting late and i have a headache.

here are some squares

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