Monday, May 12, 2014

the goat's name is...hulk!

Heyyyyyyyyy gs!!!!!!

I'm bored as heckie

Nice Spider-Men Gob

Well idk if it's Lupita's dream to be in Star Wars I don't know her dreams I don't know what she wants. Yeah tru esp bc there's already one woman in that movie I guess so

Well actually all I had to do to get the key to work was fill out a form online it wasn't hard

Well are you sure you want to know anything about the identity of Spider-Man it could be dangerous to learn that.....

Tyt about my cool joke

Okay but I saw some fanart that was like saying that Bucky's hair had been cut a lot of times and was really long at one point but like???? Would there really be time for that???  Well maybe in the comics I don't know but it looked like the movie but would there even be time for that in the comics

Same when is Target coming for us

I don't know I guess I was picturing like one of those things at a science museum that's like a model of a thing that you can go in and maybe there was an electric fetus I don't know

Idk why dad thought he wanted to see tasm2 I wonder if he regrets it

Dif I don't want Bucky to come for me I want him to stay far away from me and be thrown in the trash where he belongs

Nice lil day that we had

Sameeeee about that Agent Carter show!!!!!!!!!

Okay well before I get to talking about tasm2 I just want to say something non-spoilery about it for Gob.  WOW WHAT A GREAT MOVIE THAT IS THE BEST MOVIE EVER YOU NEED TO GO SEE IT!!!!! YOU DON'T WANT SPIDER-MAN TO COME FOR YOU TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay now





*Basically everything I didn't like about tasm1 were fixed in this movie!!!!!
*Like Peter and Captain Stacy trying to make Gwen's choices for her wow Gwen was just not having that in this movie
*Like dang after Peter webs her to the car and she just gets right out of there and goes right to the place and yells at Peter just wow that was perfect
*And wow Peter and Aunt May!!!! That was so perfect that one scene that's like my boy just wow. I didn't like how they were trying to make Peter's father so important to him when the most important parent in Peter's life is Aunt May so that scene was so great!!!!!!! And also I want to destroy it :)
*Okay the only complaint I have about this movie is that after seeing it I really don't understand even more why they cut MJ out. I don't think it would have suffered anything it was really abundantly clear that Peter and Gwen were in love just having Peter interact with another girl wouldn't have taken away from that in fact I think it would have added to it because it wouldn't be like Gwen is the love of his life only by default because she is the only girl in his life period
*But they left that one second of MJ in the movie anyway haha so maybe in tasm3 MJ can mention that idk
*Oh the one other person I wish they didn't cut out is Flash :( I know he shot some stuff at graduation and I really wish they had left that in there as well because I really liked the scenes with Peter and Flash in the first movie
*But yeah pretty much everything else about this movie was perfect to me I need to see it 32395802398 more times
*Peter and Harry were so small omg they also need to be destroyed
*So there's no end credits scene and I know a lot of people are complaining about that but personally that doesn't bother me I like end credits scenes but also I feel like there's merit it in a movie not needing one and being able to fit everything into the actual movie instead of having these extra parts that some people don't even see. There is an X-Men scene though but that was worthless to me because it only has has characters I don't like and I'm not that excited about DOFP at this point
*I really liked the explanation of why Peter is a perfect cross-species. Except there is still kind of the question of how did Peter coincidentally get bitten. I feel like a lot stuff from the trailers was cut out of the movie again like "We have plans for you, Peter Parker" and "Oscorp had you under surveillance" like maybe they were gonna have something about Oscorp purposely leading him into that spider room so he would get bitten. I hope that makes it into the third movie because I would like to hear more about that!
*Okay but I think my favorite parts of this movie were the action sequences mostly because there was so much great quipping!!!! As you probably know my favorite scene of the first movie was the scene with the car thief and this movie had a lot of scenes like that but even great wow I was so happy!!!!
*Wow it really just felt like that was Spider-Man like the real Spider-Man like he just acted and sounded and looked perfectly like Spider-Man that costume is amazing I mean I liked the suit in the first one but THIS is Spider-Man
*Also even just a lot of the scenes where he was just being Peter were really perfect I'm sorry but Tobey Maguire's Peter is complete stranger to me compared to this Peter who just seemed like the real Peter Parker you know
*And okay Gwen's death was perfect.  I mean it was sooooooooooooooo sad and I never want to see it again but it was perfect.
*Just throw this whole movie in the trash basically
*"I like to think Spider-Man gives people hope" yeah hope that we will drive off of a cliff

Well I'll probably think of more things to say probably more specific things after I've seen it again but yeah


Okay now it's let's talk about comics time!!!!

Amazing Spider-Man #1.1 - Learning to Crawl Part 1
*I really liked it!!!
*It's sad though dang that Uncle Ben
*Aunt May cooking three breakfasts nooooooooooo
*Wow Clayton is using like an iPhone and Peter and Aunt May have like one of those phones where you turn the numbers with your finger haha
*What would Peter do if people didn't always have windows that open in their offices?
*How come occasionally he has underarm webbing but most of the time he doesn't?
*"Maybe I don't deserve to have a normal life" wow shoot me in the face
*Mr. Warren as in Miles Warren?  Well that doesn't make sense because he was Peter's professor at ESU what would he be doing teaching at Midtown High?
*Wow baby Peter he's so small please destroy him
*Flash really comes off as a jerk in this issue like giving Peter a hard time right after his uncle died unlike in tasm when he was trying to be nice to Peter about it.  I guess Flash did use to be a pretty huge jerk but I just
*Quentin Beck okay
*If they know he's a kid shouldn't they realize he needs to go to school or
*Wow Aunt May walking Pete to school nope that's too small get it away
*"Hang in there" lol
*Wow Peter really needs counseling tho that's a v good idea for him
*Tho I guess we know it's not gonna help him dangit
*Haha I'm laughin bc at the end it's like imagine if any children tried to imitate Spider-Man and then on the opposite page there's a real ad for like a Spider-Man disc shooting toy

Original Sin #1
*Okay why are Natasha, Steve, Logan, and Nick Fury eating at a steak house anyway?
*Well that's small though
*You haven't eaten Russian bear. If you had, you wouldn't be so short" lol
*Lol at Steve being worried about his figure too
*Did the original Nick Fury have to retire because everyone only cares about black Nick Fury now?  Haha well that's fine
*That's so small of Bucky
*But how can Logan eat more than Steve I mean he's so short
*I'm really curious if that's Steve's uniform under his shirt or if he's just wearing a normal shirt with a big star on it haha
*Is that Ant-Man Hank or Scott I don't know. Oh never mind it's Scott doiii
*These seem like really odd teams
*Why is it like call from the FF but then it's just Ben and Peter? I don't think Peter's on the FF anymore...and where's the rest of the FF???
*How has Peter never heard of the Ultimate Nullifier before?
*"There's no one watching anything anymore" That doesn't make sense??? Everyone's blind???

She-Hulk #4
*Haha the monkey looking at the pen that's small
*Also Jen and Matt are so small dangit
*Why was Matt even admitted in California though
*I really like that first panel of Matt and Peter it looks really cool
*Latveria has it's own airline?
*Why does Jen always rip her clothes tho
*I don't really get this blue file thing but okay

Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man #1
*I really appreciated that guy punching Norman in the face
*Who in ultimate has coming back to life tho?  Well I guess besides Captain America... and Norman Osborn...and Gwen Stacy...and possibly Peter but they don't know about that. In fact they probably only know about Captain America sooo
*Why would you think two guys in armor are Spider-Man though
*That's really sad about Miles' dad
*Miles is a better person that 616 Peter at least he knows that lying is mean
*Althoughhhh I don't know if Miles should tell Katie I mean idk MJ's right that he needs to make sure about it like does he even like her that much I don't even know
*Maybe ult Pete is a better person than 616 Pete too
*Wow MJ is so small tho
*"It was like we were bonded for life. Like we were married."WOW JUST DESTROY ME
*Jeez why does Miles just walk in there with his mask off is he stupid
*Wow um
*Let's just say that it is
*Well anyway he's kind of wearing a tasm Peter inspired outfit haha like the jacket and the blue hoodie
*But wow his hair is so long and it kind of looks like Sam Winchester's
*Well I guess Peter really hates haircuts
*But wow baby Pete is all grown up he must be like 18 now!!!! Assuming he's been alive this whole time
*Well I wonder if this means that ult Peter will get to meet 616 Peter in Spider-Men 2!!!!!!!!

Dangit I really wish I hadn't accidentally deleted those lil guys

Well time for the game

The Winter Solider

Have a nice day!

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