Saturday, May 29, 2010


how about we switch roles? do you want to do something else? idk what to talk about. i am such glug because i am a goblin.

ok g now for realsies we are going to start this awesome post. it is awesome because all three of us are practically in the same place almost. hob is upstairs being a giant g but para and gob are right standing next to each other except para is sitting and gob is standing.

g we just made some wanted posters for sylar and we are going to hang them around the hotel. except we hope zachary quinto won't walk into the hotel and then get arrested. some other pranks and mischief we hope to do later is:
*fill ice buckets with pop and popcorn
*put a wet chair in the elevator
*set the computer backgrounds to funny things
*what else? idk g but there will be a bunch more

g we gtg but hopefully we will be back later to finish this post!

g we are back! also g, guess where we are right now! we are at gob's house! goosbag! except we can't do any of the mischief tonight that we said we were gonna do. but we can still do other mischief like:
*walk to the gas station
*idk what else but there will be some

ok now i will type and goblin will facilitate again.

uuuuum uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum uuuuuuuuuuum uuuuuuuuum (i think he is meditating) uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum uuuuuuuuuuuum uuuuum hey i didn't say that! you added an extra um. yeah you did. anyways, uuuuuuum uuuuuum uh uh what's up gs? idek. blehhh what to say!? i can't think of what to say when i'm being pressured like this!!! uuuum uuum i'm hungry.we should go get a snack in just a minute. maybe we can get some vanilla cokes except para probably doesn't want vanilla cokes but oh well. i think there are other drinks in the fridge that para can have. noah says there's some lemonade in the fridge that you can have. i mean pooh-bah. wow g i didn't know pooh-bah was hyphenated. hmm ok now its para's turn. ha yes it is. yes. yes. yes. yes. yes, end of discussion. bye.

hahahahahahhaha (more gob)

hi this is para (more gob) and its definitely not gob. (gob plays with swinging door thing and makes noise and won't stop)

ok now this is para for real (this is really para) gob is being so boring. ide. its not even that hard to think of things to say. i mean what the. actually i can't really think of anything to say. haha gob is laughing. now he is going to take the garbage out real fast. g this house is so dif from my house because if it was my house everyone would be sleeping except for a para and a hob but in this house there are a bunch of people that are awake. i don't even.

aw g we just tried to find something awesome to put in this post but unfortunately we were unsuccessful. we are such gs. then we just tried again but it still didn't take. bleh g idk how we can make this post awesome in the next ten minutes. well actually i have another hour after that to post it but idk if we should use it. idk g.

hmm what should we do g (gob again)

aw g gob is being silent actually and he won't talk. D:

g lets do a one line story. ok gob will start.

g: once upon a time there was a goblin who liked to drink vanilla coke.
p: except his parasite cousin did not like to do that activity.
g: so gob decided to pour vanilla coke all over parasite to make her enjoy it.
p: parasite was not pleased.
g: then company man helped pour coke on parasite.
p: she was still not pleased! in fact, she was infuriated.
g: then noah helped pour coke on parasite.
p: then para STRIKED! she attacked the gob and comp and pooh-bah with her parasite battle skills.
g: then hob came in and tried to break up the fight.
p: she said, "stop fighting! stop fighting!" and she hit her hand on the ceiling.
g: but para, gob, comp, and pooh-bah did not stop fighting. and they started to pull each other's hair out.
p: then they all perished because they killed each other and para ate one of pooh-bah's limbs and gob had been ran through by a sword.
g: then they all met up in a church in the afterlife and all became best friends again.
p: and then hob cried hobbit tears and brought them all back to life.

the end

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