Monday, May 24, 2010

The End

Hey gs! I am typing this blog post from school right now! This whole week in computer class we are supposed to be working on a final PowerPoint project but I'm just going to do whatever I want on the computer this week. Inbd, I will get it done in like 45 minutes at home real fast when I'm bored. Haha the last two weeks of school is so pointless because I am doing like nothing in all of my classes. In English we are just doing this thing where we all re-write an act of Julius Caesar, in geometry we are just doing the usual boring stuff, in chemistry we have a sub the whole week, and in band we are just like working on graduation music and a lot of the time we only work on it for like 20 minutes of the hour. Oh well, it's better than doing a ton of hard work.

Ahhh g idk what I think of the ending of Lost. Like, idk if it ended really how I hoped it would end. D: I definitley have to at least watch like the last 15 minutes again. I'm going to do that right now so I can tell you what I really think about it. Actually nvm, isn't working well on this comp so I'll watch it home and come back to this.

Meanwhile I will show you all these funny Lost videos I found:

Ben being creepy.

The original Lost casting tapes.

Posted later in the night:

(Okay so I watched the last scene of Lost again and I think I've decided I REALLY like how it ended! I think I understand it now too. Okay gs, this is what it I think it is. The sideways flash universe is like purgatory/afterlife place for all the Losties to be together after they all die. And like I think the idea of them being on the island was not just so Jacob could find a new candidate to protector of the island, but to improve the lives of all the Losties who had a flawed background as shown in the flashbacks. I think the island was sort of like a test to get to the afterlife. I like how the ending allows the possibilty of fans forever theorizing about what it means. I also really like the ending scene with Jack and Vincent lying down in the bamboo, and then the final scene being Jack closing his eye. That was really cool. Gs did you know the actor of Jack knew from the very beginning that he was going to die in the very last scene and the last shot would be his eye closing? I'd like to know how much of this stuff was planned from the very beginning and how much came along towards the end.)

I can't believe that my two favorite TV shows Heroes and Lost have come to an end though. =[ There are other shows I like, Torchwood and Doctor Who for example but they just aren't the same as Heroes and Lost. They haven't affected me as much as those shows have. I still remember the time I first saw the Lost pilot and I was like, "Wow! This is like a movie!" and I remember when I first saw Heroes and stayed up until 6 am watching almost the entire first season. There are a bunch of shows trying to be like Lost I guess, like FlashForward, but I don't think any of them are really going to pull it off like Lost and Heroes did. None of them have such a diverse and interesting cast of characters that you grow to love like Lost and Heroes had. Ahh this is depressing me so much. =/ This summer I probably am going to go back and like watch every episode of Lost and Heroes. Next fall idk what show we will all watch as a family as we have done for Lost and FlashForward. We won't be watching the new J.J. Abrams show because it's on NBC and it looks kinda dumb anyways. There is this dumb super hero show called The Cape and it looks so stupid, but even if I wanted to watch it I couldn't because it's on NBC and I'm not watching anything on NBC. There is this show about people who become super heroes when they crash on this island but it looks dumb too because it looks like it is copying off of Lost, Heroes, and The Incredibles. And there are two new super hero shows that are going to be on SyFy, one about a mind-reading detective, and another about a guy with telekenises. Idg why there are sooooo many super hero shows coming out if everyone though Heroes was so bad an needed to be canceled. D: Haha I'm just going on like a giant rant that you probably don't even care about. Sorry gs. I am done with that rant now.

/ends rant.


Here is a list of a bunch of great stuff we should do over the weekend:

-Play Duck, Duck, Goosbag.

-Watch Heroes and/or Lost and pop balloon characters when they die.

-Watch the new episode of Doctor Who.

-Act out Heroes or Lost.

-Play Monsters in the Dark. (haha we never got everyone in the family to play it at TG like we had planned to)

-Make more random videos of ourselves doing stuff like the "Goblin Eats Dinner" video.

-Stay up late at night.

-Get into some mischief.

-Save the cheerleader, save the world.

-Study for finals. JJ! None of that junk.

Haha everyone in my computer class is such a g. Here is what they are all doing:

G1 (My teacher): Doing something on her computer and playing terrible country music over her speakers.

G2 (Student): Doing a PowerPoint on alligators, or maybe they are crocodiles. Idek.

G3 (Student): Doing a PowerPoint on guitar amps or something.

G4 (Student): Playing Solitaire instead of working on her PowePoint like a g.

G5 (Student): Doing a PowerPoint on the history of skateboarding and playing Solitaire like a g. G, I didn't even know there was skateboarding like in the 60's.

G6 (Me): Being the coolest g ever and pretending to do a PowerPoint but really he is working on his blog post and surfing the internet.

G7-10 (Students): idek. They are behind me and idc to look at what they are doing. They are probably doing something a g would do. Haha I just realized they always see what I do on my screen, like when I watch shows and stuff. Idc though.bbgbb

Aw I HATE this computer and how it doesn't have a mouse pad on it. It just has this little really annoying circle thing in the middle of that is actually broken. First of all it really hurts my finger to press down on it. Second of all it keeps making me press the b key when I am moving it. So there probably is a sentence some where in the blog that is like "This computer is stupid.bbbbbbbbbb". Third of all, who on earth makes a laptop that doesn't have a mouse pad? I would just go get a mouse to plug in but it is so annoying using a mouse on my bed and also it makes sneaking with the computer slightly more difficult. bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb

Ahhh I was going to make one of those collages of characters but I ran out of time. I will do that some time next week. Well this is the end of my blog post. Byeeeebbbbbb.

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