Wednesday, May 19, 2010


jsyk, this post is gonna suck like no other post because i have so little time right now that i dont evn think i will have time to sleep tonight.
ok seriously what even is this? i legit havent seen a single shred of para in 3 days. apparently she's been sleeping all the days? how is that possible? idegi. have you even eaten anything para? have you even like come up to go to the bathroom? explain please. are you in a coma or something? im so confused

guess what gs. at 9:45 i'm going to the airport with my mother to pick up some fools! and then i won't be back till like 12 maybe! i am so excited cuz i just love going places late at night. idek.

um i had a list in my head but icr it.
ahhh i just thought of a good title at least!
ARRRRRRRRRRGH ICR THE STUPID DARN LIST. dagfasgd i thoguht of a new one though that will actually be good cuz the other list was gonna suck i think.

ok things I really want to be doing instead of stupid homework and junk and will hopefully be able to do this weekend:

*watch torchwood
*watch doctor who
*watch supernatural
*watch winnie the pooh
*watch across the universe
*watch the lion king
*watch fight club
*watch the princess bride
*watch lost
*watch glee
*watch gossip girl
*watch firefly
*find music for the trip
*download music
*work on para's fanmix
*make this really awesome pic i have in my head plus other pics
*clean my room
*chat w/ people on aim and msn with my new awesome screen name which is priorincantatm
*do an actual good post with all this awesome stuff that i have been wanting to put in a post for a long time but haven't been able to

in other words

oh wow i did this post just darn in time cuz i gtg to the airport right now and idk if i will be back before midnight. well i might but whatevs i'm posting it now

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