Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Worst Part

this post comes in two parts. a sucking part and an awesome part.

we'll start with this suck one.

this part will comprise of me talking about my trip. i can basically sum it all up in one word, but unfortunately that word is not allowed to be said on this here blog. so i will have to use a few more words than that. ok here is how it went down.

first of all i got up at 6:30 so i could arrive at school at 7:30, but when i got there, there was not even anyone there. i was the only glug in the whole place just about. i mean what even. i guess no one else followed instructions. and then we didn't even leave until like 9. but i was like inbd because i didn't even want to go to that place. and also we didn't even get real busses. we just got two darn school busses. though i got a whole darn seat to myself so that was a plus. except i didn't bring my ipod so all i could do was sleep. well i am pretty good at doing that on busses actually, but then when i woke up and found myself at the land school, i muttered to myself another word i can't say here on this blog. but it was legit like, i fell asleep, and the next thing i know im at the land school. what am i even supposed to do about that? ok g well then something happened that made me so darn angry because i was in a tent with sandy and sydney, but sandy is in student council so she didn't even have to help set up tents. none of the stupid student council people even had to set up tents.
it's not even like we appointed them student council people. all they had to do was show up at the meetings. i could have been in student council except there was no way i was giving up one lunch period a week to go to their stupid meetings. bleh i just hate student council with a passion.
ok back to me. so well we accidentally got a stupid a-frame tent which are really stupid but inbd i guess. and we made sandy sleep in the middle because at this point it was super super super hot and we weren't expecting it to get much cooler because we are fools. bleh and then we had to do this stupid scavenger hunt thing that student council came up with. bleh and it was so hot. bleh and we had to run all over that stupid land school. bleh and student council didn't even have to do it.
what. the. again.
and no one even won the darn thing because they screwed it up. bleh i hate that stupid council of students. g i was so legit getting dehydrated during my scavage. it was not even a joke at all. also i was so hungry and i didn't even have a lunch. wow g i am so glad that is not my life right now because it sucked so much.
and then everyone dyed. except me. i didn't dye because i couldn't.
and then, the best part happened. its name was i got to clean out the chicken coop. it was so disgusting i don't even. and it was so hot i was for realsies going to die. and also i had to wear this mask thing and i legit could not breath. it was not even a joke. also by this time i had developed a terrible headache and it was sooooooooo hot. i don't even.
then i was pulling junk out of llama hair except not really i was just pretending to while everyone else did that and then it started to get cloudy. so that was something to celebrate.
and then they set out this tarp on this hill for people to slide down because there was a hose and whatnot, and that was when it started to rain. what even. couldn't it have rained before? when we were working? i don't. except i didn't slide down that stupid hill because i had a headache and i didn't feel good and i wanted to die.
and then much much later we ate dinner.
and then we played this stupid grs version of who wants to be a millionaire.
and then some people went to the treehouse and there were so many people in that house in that tree i legit thought it was going to break or something. and we played i never and i learned a bunch of things about my classmates i did not even want to know.
and then we were having our community meeting around a campfire, and right in the middle of the thing, the teachers are like "ok everyone go in your tents and then we'll ring this little bell if you need to run into the basement." and im like what the. but i went to my tent anyway and it starts to thunder and lighting, and everyone is like freaking out. and no one in my tent even had a flashlight so i could barely find the thing. and then it starts to rain there was like so much thunder and lightning i don't even. and everyone is like screaming "we're all gonna die!" and i was like "shuttup!" except i didn't actually yell that.
and theeen at 1:30, enrique, my spanish teacher woke everyone up looking for people because apparently some people had snuck into tents where they didn't belong and no one could find them. what even. i was trying to sleep you fools. and then at like 6:30 dalton, a student, woke everyone up by announcing to everyone that he had slept on a rock. what even.
well then we had breakfast and it was some pancakes and some fruit but i just wanted some fruit but i ate one pancake anyway and everyone was saying how good they were but i didn't think they were very good. and some people had 12 apparently.
and then we had to do even more work. and i had to do this gps thing and the whole time i had "spaceman" stuck in my head, because of this one part where its like "my global position systems are vocally addressed. they say the nile used to run from east to west."
and then i had to clean out the stupid llama pen or cage or whatever you call it. and it was so gross i don't even. except it was made better by singing mulan songs, but it was made worse by the fact that some people were not even helping and they were just standing around. what the.
and then we had lunch but it was just peanut butter and jelly but i don't like peanut butter and jelly so i just had a piece of an apple.
then we finished our community meeting.
and went home.
wait g i missed somethings and im too lazy to go back and add them so here they are:
*during the scavenger hunt, there was a "game" where goblins were ravaging the town and eating people, so we had to give them marshmallows, because as everyone knows, goblins love marshmallows. BUT THAT IS WHERE YOU ARE WRONG! goblins can't even eat marshmallows unless they are special goblin marshmallows, which they weren't. so that is so false.
*what else? oh yeah. in the morning i learned that all the teachers, and a couple student council members slept in the homestead. WHAT. THE. that made me so mad i don't even.

wow g that was a huge ginoumous rantball. did anyone actually read that? oh well g. time for the awesome part of this post.

watch these g.

did you like those g!!?!?!?!?!? hahaha im so excited for this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh yeah g, so there is a petition thing going around where they want you to make a quick vid of yourself to send to nbc to try to save heroes. perchance we would have time to do something like that this weekend? maybe something awesome? comp man as claire again? hahaha i will bring skirt for him just in case.

oh g that reminds me to make a list of things to bring.

*skirt for comp man
*clothes and such for myself
*the pod
*an action figure. i will only bring one though. idk if i should bring sylar, peter, or spock. haha i am so awesome.
*video camera to make more random videos, plus have a camera battle
*my monster face for mitd
*the heroes/lost/glee/merlin cards

probs more things but i can't think of them right now. what else, gs?

wow im posting this so early.

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