Tuesday, May 4, 2010

In His Own Image

hey gs!!!!

haha guess where i am?! ok i will tell you. i am at school right now, dears, but in less than an hour i will be out of school! that's so awesome! and in less than half an hour i will go to lunch except for i don't have a lunch so i will just sit around and then have lunch at the mall.

haha i am watching some glugs play musical chairs! i just got done playing musical chairs actually but their class is so much bigger than mine. wow girl. my class only has like 15 people so our musical chairs circle was much smaller. g i love the game of musical chairs. we should play it at comp mans bar mitzvah, me thinks. do you think comp man would be up for that? aaah g the other game we need to play is duck duck goosbag! haha we should play little kid games the whole darn time. jj g.

g i am in such a good mood right now. i don't even.

g im supposed to be working on my science project but i really don't feel like it. so i guess i will have to do it all when i get home. i am ok with that.

lost tonight! goosbag!


g that was such a weird/sad ep of lost. but i won't say anything about it cuz you never know if gob has watched it or not.

ok gs lets get down to buisness to defeat the huns. first, i have something AWESOME to show you. it this new variation of the song pic games, and its almost the same except i mostly use gimp and i use actual pictures from heroes. ok here are my new pics. except some of them are new versions of ones i have already done but inbd

ugly-the exies:

mr. brightside-the killers:

kill the lights-the birthday massacre:

hallelujah-jeff buckley:

buildings and bridges-ani difranco:

right where it belongs-nine inch nails:

heartbeat-remedy drive

me me me me-louis xiv


you like those, gs? im going to make more of them!

now...the game!!!

alright now, what to list? ah, i know.

reason he is a glug: he's a company man
glug quote: "what would bennet do?"
reason she is a glug: this
glug quote: "he's adorable! can i keep him?"
reason he is a glug: his hair
glug quote: "THERE IS NO SAYID!"
*arthur petrelli
reason he is a glug: it's coming.
glug quote: "i think the two of you...it's a good pair."
reason she is a glug: she's so silly, pretending to be something she's not.
glug quote: "what's wrong, honey? wanna shoot me again?"
reason she is a glug: well, she kissed mohinder for one thing.
glug quote: "so change it."
reason she is a glug: she also...uh kissed mohinder.
reason he is a glug: his general nastiness
glug quote: maya! maya!
reason he is a glug: he killed charlie :(
glug quote: "you're gonna die, charlie."
reason she is a glug: socks.
glug quote: "you want answers? then you'll have to dig."
reason he is a glug: he's captain kirk.
glug quote: "well i'm not telling, acting captain."
reason she is a glug: everything about her SCREAMS glug
glug quote: "there's you. what you can do. why else would you be able to paint the future unless it was to do something about it!? you don't just paint the future isaac, you make it. you'll find a way."

ah wait before i go, i want to show you something. i put the url of our blog into something called wordle and it came up with this. haha i think it must just be the first page but i think it is still a good image of what our blog is about.

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