Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Favorite Accident

Okay so technically it is not my turn to go, but since Para is still feeling sick or something and Hob just went, I will fill in.

Haha so I was bored in my geometry class today and instead of taking notes like I was supposed to be doing I found out exactly how much more school I have! Here is a list of how much school I have left in different units of time:

1 fortnight
10 days
70 hours and 5 minutes
4,205 minutes
252,300 seconds
252,300,000 milliseconds
252,300,000,000 microseconds
252,300,000,000,000 nanoseconds

Ahhh g I keep getting distracted from this blog post and I this is all I have written since like 10:00 and it is now almost 11. D: Sorry if this post sucks a little bit. I'm doing the best I can.

Okay now I will say something I love. Idk if you know of it but I have been watching a ton of this great show called Invader Zim! Also since the episodes are short, only like 15 minutes each it is easier for me not to fall asleep during them like sometimes I accidentally do with Torchwood and other shows. Haha sorry Hob!!!! I wish I could have watched it when I was a kid! Haha it's like weird that it was a kid's show on Nickelodeon though because some of it seems really inaprop for little kids.

Okay now I will be like a Hobbit and just play the modified number game. Wow g there are a lot of numbers in this post.

School days until summer: 10
Tabs currently open: 4
Windows currently open: 8
Gmail drafts: 12
Itunes songs: 5878
Times I said “girl” in this post: 2 (shortened as "g")
Vanilla Cokes currently in the house: 14! :D
Hours of sleep I plan to get tonight: hmmmm idk. probably like...5 or 6

Now because I am such a lazy g (which could stand for girl, goblin, or glug, you decide) i will just share some nice pics I found on this awesome blog I accidentally discovered.

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