Tuesday, May 25, 2010

...And Found

Hey gs it’s Monday and I’m not scheduled to post till Tuesday but I’m writing this post today because yeah. I’ll prob post it tonight after midnight or something. Idek.

Ok this post is prob gonna be mostly about lost. I feel like a gob. This sure is strange because I haven’t really cared all that much about lost since like the middle of season 5 and like now I kinda care again. Idek.

Ok…I loved and hated the finale. Gs as you know sawyer/Juliet is one of my least favorite things in the whole entire world. So when that stuff happened I was seriously ready to turn off the tv because I was so angry and disgusted and agjhdasljgahsgasdghag I can’t even express how angry I am about that. Omg. So then I spend like the last half hour of the thing wanting it to be over and playing pacman on google. And then when it got to the end I was like wut is going on and I was so confused and I didn’t really like it, but then I thought about it some more and I really loved the very ending actually and it like makes me want to cry/actually cry whenever I think about it. But asdjghasljkdgajsgdasdgadsg asgasdghjasdghlasgfasg it could have been SOOOOO good if it had just been Sawyer/Kate instead. Omg. Bleh and you know what’s REALLY annoying is that like the previous flash sideways got my hopes up that it would end up being sawyer/kate. What in tarn? Ajdhgajskdhaskf asfajsfahsugaga
But anyway. I’m just still really confused also because ok…so the stuff that happened on the island and junk was real? So then they didn’t explain any of it? It’s like the explanation they gave at the end like only applied to the last season. Like they just plum didn’t explain anything. What is this?

Omg gs everyone was being so annoying when we were watching lost. Ok for the last like hour and fifteen mins, I kept count of the number of times my mother said various things.
Here are the numbers:
Asked questions about what was going on: 16 times
Complained about commercial breaks: 3 times
Shouted someone’s name when she saw them on the screen: 4
Made other annoying comments: 19

Though I think I missed a bunch in like the last half hour probs.

Hey gs guess what I just did! Wrote another chapter of the story! Goosbag!

Chapter 6

A couple days later, Arthur was conscious, at home, and needed to think. Francine had barely spoken to him in days, and he wasn’t sure why, but he considered that maybe it was for the best. But he just didn’t even. He thought about Francine. He thought about Buster. He thought some more about Buster. He took note of his dog, Pal, sitting on the end of his bed. He stroked pal’s furs.
“Francine,” he said, “started out as nothing. Nothing. I was distressed, and she was there. But now it’s, well I don’t know what it is really. I don’t know what to feel. But then Buster…well that started off as nothing…and ended up as nothing. There might have been able to be a something once upon a time but now I, I don’t know if I’m capable of being that man anymore.” He then spent a hearty amount of time staring off blankly into space, while the dog wagged his tail impatiently.
“So tell me, Pal,” he said at last. He paused, and took a deep breath. “Is four months long enough to get over someone?” Pal responded by leaping off Arthur’s bed and scurrying happily out the door.
“That’s what I thought.”

* * *
The next day, Arthur knew what he had to do. He strolled down the street on the delightfully sunny day that it was. He felt at peace for the first time in a long time and he wanted to never feel any way other than this again. He spied some daisies by the side of the road, literally screaming to be picked. He reached down and plucked one. Then he reached his destination. He quickly hid the flower behind his back, and gave the door a good firm knocking. Arthur revealed the flower and felt really good inside at the touch of theirs hands as the flower was passed from hand to hand. Arthur barely had time to close the door behind him before he was pulled into an embrace, and their lips met.

Buster watched from his porch as Arthur strolled down the street with a sick smile plastered upon his aardvark face. He then watched as Arthur picked a flower and brought it up the driveway. A driveway that was not his. A driveway which lead to the door which lead to the house that lead to Francine. He watched with eyes of gloom as Arthur produced the flower from behind his back and Francine clapped excitedly. He picked up his own flower from the floor of the porch. The flower he had been planning on walking down to Arthur’s house. He picked each of the petals and tossed them aside sourerly.
“He loves me not,” Buster said, pulling off a petal as Arthur and Francine’s hands touched for just a moment too long.
“He loves me not,” Buster said,” pulling off a petal as he saw the joy in Francine’s eyes.
“He loves me not,” Buster said,” pulling off a petal as the door closed quickly behind them. It didn’t matter, he didn’t have to watch anymore to know what happens next. He pulled off the rest of the petals.
“He loves me not, he loves me not, he loves me not.”

Awww man g that’s a big bummer.

Wow I just read gob’s post. OK is the show is people who become superheroes when they crash on an island? Um…………..what? what is this I can’t even omg. Wow g I just watched the trailer for it and it made me want to puke because it is about a family and families make me want to puke. Jj. Kind of. But shows about families def do.

Ok g idgi. Why would people play solitaire when they can be on the interent? Like it’d be one thing if there was no interent but what the? G I guess I’m just commenting on your post in this post. Well I’ll do a real comment too maybe.

Ok now I'm going to share with you some Lost graphics that I made today. I just really love them. Ok here's the first one:

Ok this next one is the one i was going on and on about to gob and I just love it a ton. haha. ok and it's inspired by the song "There Is a Light That Never Goes Out" by The Smiths. Yeah, I just think it's better if you're aware of that song.

Ok here's the third one and it's a Lost and Doctor Who one but it's from the last Doctor Who ep which Gob hasn't seen so i guess no one will get it, but they kinda will because it's just a quote that the doctor says and you don't really need to know what's going on. and it's not exactly spoilery and i jsut wanna post it now instead of waiting so i will:

wow g's i just rewatched the like last 4 mins of lost and i legit started crying. what is this.

oh gs i have this really really great lost vid in my mind that i wanna make but i need to download like the entire finale plus a bit of other stuff first so yeah.

ok now here's some really awesome lost related pics which i did not make:

ok not aprop but it's so crazy! like those peops were on this little team for a while.


D: D: D: D:

ok this is from that one guy's twitter and i just really love it. idek:

ok one more:

And finally, here's a quote that someone said last night and idk why but I just love it so much:
"To paraphrase an old Stephen King quote for a new usage: 'If reading Harry Potter was about learning how to live, then watching LOST was about learning how to die.'"

Ok I might have gotten it all out of my system now. Not really but, moving on anyway.

Ok the other day I happened to find a whole bunch of awesome websites so I will share em with ya.

ok this is one where you can play apples to apples online i think plus some other games

ok this isn't a whole website but it's the craziest thing i have ever seen in my life omg

i just wanna go up to one of those things and be a glug named jack and be like "are you real?"

here, here, and here are these awesome wallpapers that you can arrange your icons on to look like this

And finally.

Ok now...the other day me and para and the gang went to the mall of america and bought a ton of awesome stuff...and i'm just gonna share with the pics we took while we were there for gob.
ok this is some sushi that our cousin named adam got just like a gob got that stuff at the moa! ooooooh fish!

now here's a thing. idk it's like a belt thing or somethin. i wish gob had it.

and finally...here's a sign we saw a hangin' in the mall:

Wow now I have no idea of a list to do. what even? i'll make a list of all the action figures i have and the ones i want:

i have:
crazy cat lady
captain jack harkness
harry potter
severus snape
invisible harry potter
ron weasley
hermiione granger
rubeus hagrid

i want:
the doctor
ianto jones
charlie pace
sirius black

mmmmmmmmmhhmmmmm. there are probs more. idk.


Okay gs, this has legit been like my favorite post I have ever done. idek.

The end.

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