Sunday, May 16, 2010

An Invisible Thread

Hello gs! Blehh I had a pretty boring weekend so idek what to tell you gs. I will think of something though.

Haha g you know what is sad? The most fun part of my weekend has been fixing up and cleaning my room while blasting loud music. That is pretty lame that doing that was the most exciting part of my weekend. Okay idk if this will be the list for the game or not but I will do a list of anyways have my great cleaning jamz that make me super energetic and make me have fun cleaning:

*All The Small Things - Blink 182
*Helicopter - Bloc Party
*Knights of Cydonia - Muse
*Mr. Brightside - The Killers
*Dead - My Chemical Romance
*Zombie Nation - idk
*Numa Numa - idk
*Welcome Home - Coheed and Cambria
*Kiss with a Fist - Florence + The Machine
*Take Me Out - Franz Ferdinand

Okay now I'm just going to post a bunch of random junk I find across the internet. I am going to find one cool thing, and from that i'll find another cool thing, and from that i'll find another cool thing...and so on.

Here is a really great Doctor Who song!

Here is another really great Doctor Who song (by the same person who made that song with the animated video)!

Here is a Lost music video set to the song "Wake Up". Haha I haven't actually watched it though so idk if it's good or not.

Here is a really well fan-made and awesome trailer for the Lost season 6 finale.

Here is a really cool official BBC promo for Heroes.

Haha here is a funny Heroes/Torchwood crossover promo that BBC actually used.

Here is some sort of Lost/Heroes fan-made crossover trailer:

Here is a website I found. Wow g! You can actually call the number too!

Here is a cool gif I found.

Haha we should infiltrate NBC like Peter is doing in that gif up there and force the people there to put Heroes back on the air. Ahhh g so I am still really sad about Heroes being canceled...D:...but....the good news is at least it looks like the movie thing to wrap Heroes up is going to actually happen! Let's hope it's really really awesome.

Well that is it for tonight. Byeeee.


  1. wow g did you just find that website? you big clug. also, there is much more you can do on that website besides call the phone number. haha

    g i have seen that lost/heroes vid before! D: its still awesome though.

  2. That was a very nice post, girl! The first Doctor Who song, I haven't actually heard but I've heard a remix of a song that had some of that song in it. Also I have heard the second song. I like the Lost video! That is my favorite song! Girl, when you finish Torchwood I have to show you the best video ever that has that song in it, but it's for season 3. Whoaaa that Heroes/Torchwood video is awesome! Especially because Isaac is in it!