Thursday, May 27, 2010


Hey gs. Just warning you, this post might kinda suck, but I have a couple little good things planned for the end.

I am writing this part in geometry class right now and I thought I'd just go ahead and write part of it here because:

a. I'm super bored
b. I might be too lazy to do a bunch of my post when I get home so I want to at least have something.
c. I'm really annoyed at my geometry teacher.

You want to know why I'm so annoyed with her g? Okay well because last night I was going to fix up my geometry notebook and get it all organized but I fell asleep. So I spent like all morning working on it and she gave me a 43 out of 50! She spent like forever leafing through my notebook when she just glanced at other people's and gave them a 50! Blehhh I hate that woman. At least I only have to be in her class for three more days. After that she is retiring and I'll never have to see her again! ICQCME!!!

Okay, enough about that. I'll move onto a different subject now. Haha I love how we wall have such giant rants when we are in a bad mood for our post. Haha what gs we are.

Okay I'm going to try playing a random game and make a big list of all the Goblin Green stuff in this room:

-My skin
-My notebook
-Some other g's notebook
-Some g's shorts
-My teacher's folder
-A chalkboard thing
-A tree painted on the mural on the wall.
-A mountain painted on the mural on the wall.
-Two pieces of paper hanging from the wall
-Another folder
-Someone's shorts
-Someone's pencil
-The trees outside

G nvm, this game is so boring. I'm so bored idek what to do. I wish my big g teacher would turn on the TV for channel 4 news. I hate how a lot of the time she teaches past our communications times or just doesn't let us have it on. I thought we are supposed to always watch it but whatever. Goosbag! Someone in my class turned it on! Oh yeah, haha I'm such a g. It doesn't come on at 12:17. It comes on at 12:27. It just now started. I think I'll just watch it instead of working on this post. Byeeee.

Okay and now here are some awesome things:

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