Monday, May 3, 2010

Silence in the Library

Yo yo yo gdogs. Jus chillin' in the library. No big deal. I don't have a single darn thing to say to you people, really. omg get outta my eyes you sun where in tarn are you even coming from omg stop staring at me para i wonder if i am typing this right cuz im not looking at the keyboard at darn all. omg there is a song in my head and it won't get out. uptown girl. something something someting something world. now there are two song clashing in my head. idek. well. ttyl.

Well you know what it is time fo? It is time for chapter 3 of the arthur shebong! you like that? I sure hope so g.

Chapter Three
A few weeks earlier

Arthur and Francine found themselves trapped in a library. Again.
“WHY DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING TO ME?” Francine screamed to the heavens above. Arthur was in his usual state of misery so he sat alone in the corner wishing for death.
This time was rather different than the last, because the pest that was D.W. accompanied them this time. D.W. seemed to be thoroughly enjoying himself, Arthur noted. She was racing herself up and down the aisles between bookshelves and screaming
“WHO’S DEWEY? WHO’S DEWEY?” Francine appeared to be very annoyed at the useless siblings. She was attempting, but failing, to take charge of the situation.
Just then, Arthur, who was rolled in a ball in the shadows of a tall bookshelf in the corner, remembered his immense fear of the dark. And dark it was getting in that library, as the sun crept towards the horizon. Still in ball form, Arthur rolled himself out of the shadows. He began to legit fear for his life, and for the life of his frenemy a sister too.
“Francine,” Arthur said dramatically to the nearby girl. “Stay out of the shadows.” Just then, Arthur noticed something peculiar. “Shhhh,” he said. “You hear that?”
“…no,” Francine said.
“Exactly.” Arthur said.
“Wha-” and then understanding filled her little eyes. “D.W. hasn’t made a peep in ages!” Arthur turned his head slowly towards the eery shadows. When he looked back towards Francine, he saw she was no longer there.
“Fr-Franicne?” he squeaked.
“I’m over here!” she called. Arthur ran like the dickens towards her. “D.W!” she was calling. Arthur half-heartedly joined in.
“D.W!” Nothing. All of a sudden, a shrill ring sounded through the air. Arthur screamed.
“It’s the phone!” Franice said, and rushed over to the desk in the front to answer the thing. Arthur followed closely behind. Francine picked up the phone slowly and lifted it to her ear.
“H-hello?” she stammered.
“D.W. has left the library,” a voice on the other end said. “D.W. has been saved.” Arthur gasped. Then they heard a giggle. “It’s me sillies!” the voice said.
“D.W.?” Arthur asked. “Why do you sound so scary?” Francine rolled her eyes.
“Where are you, D.W.?” she asked.
“I told you,” D.W. said. “I’ve left the library!”
“But how?”
“I found a small window in the basement of that place!” she explained. “It’s easy to get out of sticky situations when you’re little. I don’t think you two would fit through it. But me, I just climbed through the thing and was out! I’m home now!” She paused. “Do you want me to tell someone to come get you?” she asked.
“YES YOU BIG GLUG!” Arthur wanted to scream, but refraind
“Yes D.W.,” Francine said, and then put down the phone. “Well,” she said, turning to Arthur. “Looks like we’re saved.”
“Yeah,” Arthur said. “Brilliant.”
“Yeah.” Then she took a deep breath. “It might be a while though, knowing D.W.” Arthur forced a smile. Then he looked her in the eyes for the first time all day. “Yeah, it will probably be, probably be quite a while. And then, he didn’t know where it came from, he didn’t know what made him do it, but what else is to be expected from a man, such as he, and a fine woman, such as Francine, trapped in a big dark library such as the one they now found themselves in? Arthur leaned forward, and planted a wet one on her furry lips. They were still kissing when D.W. burst in.

Oh man! What in tarn will happen next?! I sure do not know. Gs do you like this story still or is it boring you to tears?

Well methinks I am plum just gonna keep this post short and sweet.

Ok. The list. Hmm idek. ok i will compose a list of all the fanfics i have ever written in my life that i can remember and i will try to out them from first written to last written.

*spice girls - something about my friends in first grade being the spice girls
*Harry Potter some weird thing about idek what but it included a line that was something like "then harry saw draco malfoy on the train and harry couldn't believe his eyes because malfoy was wearing...................GLASSES!
*Harry Potter - another one i think that was something about harry getting some gifts in the mail. actually it mighta been the same one as the other one. idek.
*Harry Potter/Moulin Rouge - Harry finds out he is related to everyone he knows and also the people from Moulin Rouge
*Lost - Wrote with Para about Kate getting pregnant and junk
*Heroes - What happens when Eden comes to collect Isaac
*Heroes - Wrote w/ Para and Gob about Mohinder trying to confess his love to Matt
*Heroes - A day in the life of Isaac
*Arthur - Arthur has a thing for his buddy Buster
*Torchwood - Jack and Ianto go on a date
*Winnie the Pooh - Pooh and Piglet are bed buddies

ok i am prob missing some. whatEVS.


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  1. haha arthur is so dramatic.

    haha francine is indeed a fine woman.

    g i loved that part! its def def def not boring me to tears! i hope buster never finds out about that little incident!