Thursday, May 13, 2010


Hey gs! So my day today was a little bit better than the rest of the week but this whole week is still sucking soooo much. Though the good news is, this post will not suck nearly as much as my last post did!! :D


Also playing music as loud as I can and not having anyone in the family complaining about it being too loud has also made me in a really good mood! Hahaha like Seth was playing music but I just turned my music on super loud and he hasn't even cared. Like he is even trying to defeat me in this music battle. Aw g well my mom just came home and she told me to turn the volume down. But I only turned it down a little bit so inbd.

Here is a list of all the stuff I love right now and is making my week a tad better than the suckfest it has been:

-Playing music really loudly
-Discovering new bands you really like
-This fun card game I brought to school called Set
-Moon boots! (Seth just brought some home and gave them to CM and me and they are so much fun!)

Ahh gs, I thought I was going to be in a really good mood for the rest of the day but things keep making me really annoyed and in a bad mood (like BR and CM) but for this post I will pretend like I am in an awesome mood and it is the best day of my life!!!!!

Haha I'm supposed to be doing work now but idec because I am in an AWESOME mood and I am not going to let my mom shouting at me to do work or anything change that! And I am going tio make this as awesome as a blog post as I can! I love life! I am so happy right now! Today has been so great!

Haha here is just a random video I found out about a day or so ago.

Here is a random picture:

And here is a random song:

Haha all three of them just happened to deal with Lost! Well actually the first and second were on accident but on the third one I just knew I had to find something Lost related.

Ahhh I just thought of a good idea for next month's game maybe! We could do a list of 30 days like we did for the April game and it's a list of different themes and for each day you have to post a video a song and and a picture related to that theme. For example it might be something like this:

Day 1: Lost
Day 2: Funny
Day 3: Heroes
Day 4: Sad
Day 5: Whatever tickles your fancy
Day 6: Things you hate
Day 7: Things you love

What do you think about something like that gs? Idk, just an idea I had.

Okay now for another random thing for me to do. I think I am going to start with a random page on wikipedia and see how many steps it takes me to get to the Heroes page by only clicking hyperlinks! Here goes nothing!

1. Costume party
2. United States
3. Television in the United States
4. National Broadcasting Company (NBC)
5. Heroes

Haha actually that wasn't that hard at all!

This time I will try something more more difficult. Uhh how about....Goblin!

1. Mohammad al Jadeedi
2. Arabic
3. English language
4. United States
5. American literature
6. Fantasy
7. List of fantasy novels
8. Harry Potter
9. Magical creatures (Harry Potter)
10. Goblin

You should try and see if you can get there in less steps than I did. It was really fun!b

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  1. YOU STOLE MY DAY YOU GLUG! but inbd.

    haha g i have played set!