Sunday, May 30, 2010


HAPPY 150TH POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


right now we are gonna start our first list of this post. (hopefully there will be a couple really awesome lists)

fun facts:

*about gob
-he sucks at the macarena
-he does have a special goblin dance, but he won't do it in public. only in dark corners.
-he has a confused goblin face but he won't make it irl.
-he wants to have a threesome with desmond and elle.
-right now it looks like he's not wearing a shirt, because his shirt is the same color as his goblin-green skin
-he made para sleep in an uncomfortable chair last night
-he's married to three people
-his favorite song is "oops i did it again" by britney spears
-he is para's new brother
-his room is really messy
-he has a gmail draft that says "mom get waffles"
-he likes to preview his blog post every fives seconds

*about para
-she has an ability where she instantly falls asleep in any car or bus and wakes up right before she arrives at her destination.
-her parasite dance is swaying back and forth
-she is gob's new sister
-she's awesome at laser tag
-she has like ten empty boxes of star trek cereal in her room
-she wears mismatching socks all the time

*about hob
-she likes to keep leaving while we're working on our blog post
-she wants to have a threesome with The Doctor and Isaac.
-she does a mean buster impression
-she ruins your favorite childhood tv shows

noah's quiz from his blog:

1. My name is SYLAR!!!

2. Where are you from?
-the future

3. How are you?
-Hungry...for braaains.

4. Can I pay you in gum?

5. And you are?
idg this q

6. Your proffesion?
you spelled profession wrong

7. We are family?
yeah g you are our cousin

g that was the worst quiz ever. sorry.

hey gs check out these really cool arthur trading cards!

now we are gonna do a little game. first we make a list of characters.

2. peter petrelli
3. hurley
4. jack shephard
5. desmond
6. elle bishob
7. mr. muggles
8. walt llyod
9. the mib
10. hrg
11. matt parkman jr.
12. claire bennet
13. kate austen
14. sawyer
15. john locke
16. spock
17. arthur (arthur)
18. mr. ratburn
19. captain kirk
20. nero
21. arthur petrelli
22. nathan petrelli
23. goblin
24. parasite
25. hobbit

now they battle!

*first round: captain kirk vs. hurley
-battle summary: hurley first tries to gain peace with the violent captain by exclaiming, "hey dude, why can't we all just get along?" but it doesn't take. the captain simply won't listen, and he points his phaser at hurley threateningly. this angers hurley, so he jumps on him, and his weight causes kirk to scream like a girl. he is able to push hurley off of him, however, and get in a good punch. then hurley charges into captain kirk and pushes him against a tree. but kirk has his communicator and calls scotty. "kirk to enterprise. beam me up, mr. scott." "aye captain," scotty says, but accidentally beams hurley aboard as well. they find themselves on the landing pad and tousle for a sec, until a few redshirts come and stun hurley with their phasers.
-results: hurley unconscious, kirk a bit squished.
-winner: kirk

*round two: kate austen vs. walt lloyd
-battle summary: walt says "what is it, like checkers?" and kate gets confused, giving walt time to tie her shoelaces together. kate trips and falls over. and walt makes a run for it. kate kicks her shoes off and chases walt. she catches up to him and grabs him around the neck. then, walt summons a dead bird to fall out of the sky and land on her head. kate screams and releases walt. walt runs away and kate runs after him again. once she catches him, she pulls out her trusty handcuffs and secures him to a tree.
-results: walt restrained, kate has smelly hair
winner: kate

*round three: arthur (arthur) vs. claire bennet
-battle summary: claire uses her cheerleading moves to kick arthur in the shin. arthur screams and starts to cry. claire feels bad and bends down to comfort him. but its a trick. arthur cries out like a ninja and punches claire in the face, breaking her nose. but claire regenerates and pounces on arthur. she pins him to the ground and drags him by his ears. arthur screams and claws at her arm. this causes claire to release him and arthur takes a gun out of his backpack. he shouts "i'm not afraid to use this thing!" claire laughs in his face, because she knows it can't kill her. but arthur knocks her down and points the gun at the back of her head and pulls the trigger.
-results: claire dead (for now), arthur-sore shin and ears
-winner: arthur

*round four: man in black vs. elle bishop
-battle summary: elle begins by flirting with the man in black. "hey g," she says. mib looks at her like she is a fool. this is when elle realizes its time to kick it up a notch. she shoots electricity at mib, but its not very effective. mib is momentarily stunned, but other than that, there is no effect. he walks over and twists her neck.
-results: elle dead (forever), mib just a tad crispier
-winner: mib

*round five: arthur petrelli vs. sawyer
-battles summary: sawyer begins by throwing out a nickname "you really think you can take me, old geezer?" he taunts, "shouldn't you be playing connect four in the nursing home?" "i see you like to play games," arthur says calmly. "lets see how you handle this one." and with that, arthur stops time and ties sawyer's shoelaces together. he unfreezes time and then sawyer trips and falls over his shoes. "what the-" sawyer exclaims, righting his shoelaces, arthur chuckles quietly. "had enough?" sawyer stands up, his temper rising. "enough chatting," he replies, and charges at arthur, but arthur teleports out of his path. sawyer spins around, grabbing his trusty gun. he points it at arthur, but arthur uses telekinesis to throw it out of his hand. "can't have that. that's too dangerous." sawyer looks around for his gun, and spots it on the ground. he makes a grab for it. "okay," arthur says, "you asked for it." he uses telepathy to makes sawyer shoot himself in the head.
-results: sawyer dead, arthur unscathed
-winner: arthur

*round six: hobbit vs. desmond hume
-battle summary: hobbit enters the battlefield, clutching her nose because desmond is so stinky. "hey brotha," desmond shrieks. hobbit yells, "you killed charlie!" and desmond replies, "no, it wasn't my fault, brotha." "YOU LIAR!" hobbit yells, "I HATE YOU!" "hey man, why so hateful?" desmond inquires. "you disgust me," hob tells him. "i tried to stop desmond from dying. he was my best friend. he thought it was his destiny to die." desmond explains. "well you should have tried harder," hob snorts. desmond hangs his head in shame. "i know g. i'm sorry. let's hug." hob grudgingly hugs the stinky man and desmond sneaks a kiss on her hobbit lips. "ewwwww!" hob screams.
-results: desmond embarrassed, hobbit emotionally distraught
-winner: tie

*round seven: nathan petrelli vs. nero
-battles summary: upon seeing the scary man, nero tries to run away, but nathan flies after him. nero yells, "FIRE EVERYTHING!" and shoots nathan.
results: nathan dead, nero emotionally distraught
-winner: nero

*round eight: parasite vs. jack shephard
-battle summary: parasite pounces on jack and easily pins him to the ground. jack says, "what the?" and then makes a big glug jack face. para laughs at him and then momentarily forget to keep her parasite eyes on jack, so he gets up and laughs at para. and then para starts laughing too. and they both laugh together like big glugs. and they fall down and start rolling on the floor and laughing.
-results: para lhao, jack lhao
-winner: tie

*round nine: john lock vs. hrg
-battle summary: john lock enters the battlefield, with 400 knives. hrg enters with a gun. hrg points his gun at locke, locke points his 400 knives at hrg. its a tense moment. then hrg yells, "you can't hurt my daughter!" and locke replied, "DON'T TELL ME WHAT I CAN'T DO!" this causes hrg to shoot at locke, but locke deflects the bullets with his bald head. hrg is stunned because he has never seen such badassery. he bows down to the great locke and locke stabs him. -results: hrg dead, locke bruised head
-winner: locke

*round ten: mr. muggles vs. peter petrelli
-battle summary: young peter spots the little doggy and immediately is enamored by his adorableness. he bends down to pet the thing. and notices his expertly styled fur. "nice hair," he comments, "although not as great as mine." this infuriates mr. muggles and causes him to bit off peter's entire finger. peter yells, "WHAT THE!" and kicks mr. muggles across the battlefield. mr. muggles squeaks and yaps annoyingly. peter covers his ears, yelling, "shut up!" but mr. muggles doesn't feel like it. so he jumps on peter's head and starts clawing and biting his hair. peter excaims, "NOT TIM!" and attempts to throw the dog off. but mr. muggles will not. he chomps down on peter's head and pierces his skull. he tears at peter's cranium and eats his brain.
-results: peter dead, mr. muggles satisfied.
-winner: mr. muggles

*round eleven: goblin vs. matt parkman jr.
-battles summary: goblin sees the baby just lying on the floor and feels sorry for the thing, so he picks him up. matty starts to cry and turns off goblin's sneaking powers. gob is unaware of this, so he tried to sneak over to get a bottle for the baby, but he is caught by someone. gob realizes what has happened and drops the matty on his head.
-results: gob embarrassed, matty permanently brain damaged
-winner: gob

*round twelve: sylar vs. spock
-battle summary: "i assume you have prepared new insults for me."
"well, let's have it."
"you're ugly. your eyebrows are weird. what even are your ears? is that spandex you're wearing?"
"your mom is a cool door."
"well your mom is a- oooow spock! stop hitting me!"
"take it back!"
"don't make me eat your brain!"
"how illogical."
"how's this for illogical?"
"aaaaaaaaasaroiasfh!...what the? i am curious to know what technique you used to electrocute me."
"well i'm not telling, acting captain."
"you will answer me."
"no, i don't think i will."
"whatever. say, you look sort of like me."
"like you? nah g. i'm much hotter than you."
"i'm unconcerned with my appearance, i am merely pointing that we look quite similar."
"except your ears are pointed. what are you, an elf?"
"and your eyebrows are weird."
"my eyebrows are weird? excuse me, but yours are- aaaaaaaahskjfavnjhf!"
"don't you dare say another word!"
"i will kill you!"
"i'm going to-aaaaaahskafjasl!"
-results: sylar unconscious, spock kind of crispy
-winner: spock

aw g mr. ratburn didn't get to battle but inbd. also i swear all of those battles were completely random. we just used a random number generator to pick the battles.

this is our golden buster we got from being awesome movie makers and making a really great sad movie.

SUP GLUG FACES. HOB IS TAKIN OVER THIS POST LIKE YEAH. jj. she is just doin a spec little thing while the other glugs walk around nakie. jj. kind of. well idk what to say really. i just wanted to say hello really and that i love hotels. ok laters.

haha nice one hob.

Okay, now this is Gob. Haha so when we got back from swimming at the hotel today and went up to the room to get changed I looked everywhere and I could not find my boxers!!!! I looked under the bed, inside my jeans, in my backpack, and everywhere else in the room. I knew that I had brought them to the hotel because uhhh...that would have been wearing jeans with nothing on underneath them. Eventually though CM found them! Guess where they were?!?!?!?!?! He was accidentally wearing them!!!! What a g!!! So then he gave me my boxers and put on his Hahaha I'm typing this big long paragraph and idek why. I like coffee. Kinda. Well I like it when you put in some milk and 7 packs of sugar. Okay, well I'll bbl to say some more maybe. Bye for now

haha gob. i am also drinking coffee, except i put in 8 packs of sugar because i am a big glug.

okay. gob is back. haha i want some more coffee. i might go get some in just a little bit. aw g i just realized, tonight is our last night together in Indiana! DDDDDDDDDDDDDD: starting tomorrow we will have to do separate posts. idek whose turn it is tomorrow. g, this was so fun working on the posts together. i hope we will do cc this year because that would be a big bum if we didn't. good night goblog readers. byeeeeee.

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