Monday, May 31, 2010

Don't Call It A Come Back

Hey gs. Even though I'm in a sorta grumpy mood because everyone in this house is too darn grumpy and I have school tomorrow and I have a TONNNN of studying for finals to do, I will still make this a really awesome post. Wow g, these last posts the last couple days of May have been really awesome compared to some of the other days I think!

Since the game this month was having a list in each post, for the final post of the month I will have a ton of different lists.

List of my favorite lists I did this month:
-Reasons why Doctor Who is awesome (Strange Attractors: May 2)
-Random facts (Vampires of Venice: May 8)

-List of how much school is left (My Favorite Accident: May 18)
-Mischief to get into (Dual: May 29)
-Fun facts about Gob, Para, and Hob (Special: May 30)

List of the most fun stuff we did at CM's bar mitzvah:

-Changing songs on the jukebox at the bowling alley
-Laser Tag
-Swimming in the pool
-Watching Heroes on Para's iPod in the parking lot
-Duck, Duck, Goosbag in the elevator

-Elevator hide and go seek -Elevator races
-Monsters in the elevator
-Monsters in the bathroom
-Monsters in the closet -Heroes drinking game (we didn't actually use any alcoholic beverage, i promise!)
-Drinking 3 cups of coffee to stay awake at like 3 am.

-Writing yesterday's post together
-Silly stringing the baby swing

-Watching Star Trek Rhaposdy and Lost Rhapsody

-Watching the Asian youtube video channel

List of things I want right now: -Coffee
-School to be over

-To time travel to June 4th when school is out

-People to stop being grumpy
-A laser tag place in my backyard

-An elevator in my house to play monsters in the elevator in.


-To come up with a way that I can stay up really late tonight

-My mom to go to bed
-To play monsters in the elevator again

-Some good new jamz
-My throat to stop hurting from growling (from monsters in the elevator)
-To watch the new episodes of Doctor Who
-To watch some Torchwood
-To not be so darn lazy right now
-A good title for this post
-A billion dollars
-A computer
-To stay awake all night
-My mom to stop telling me to go to bed
-To remember what website I was about to go to
-A Tardis
-A sonic screwdriver
-It not to be so quiet in the gc and in my house
-This list to be over

Here are some nice pictures (click on them to see the whole thing since they are all so darn big):

Here is a time line of the color of a banana:

Here is something slightly inaprop (though not nearly as inaprop as that one thing para and i saw):

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