Wednesday, April 30, 2014

suddenly...the goat!

Heyyyyyyyyyy gs

Dang Gob that sound bad tho on the bright side it's not as bad as if Bucky had killed you.

But maybe Bucky is psychologically torturing you instead by making your past two weeks extra stressful somehow.  We just don't know what he is capable of.

Icqcme for your Friday post!

Dang I'm really curious about why Noah did that can he just say

No Doc Ock's not still alive that issue of Superior Spider-Man team up was mostly flashback it was really pointless.  At least Doc Ock does not seem to still be alive but you just never know I'm sure he'll come back sooner or later but

Okay just whatever about that cover just if they have multiple ones which idk if they will then just get the best looking one okay.  Okay I'm gonna read that issue later I can't wait I can't do it

How can it seem weird of my Latin professor you don't even know her you don't know what she's capable of.

Icqcme for your PeterMJ mix!!! Dang I really want to know what that song is but also maybe I don't want to because it might ruin my life

Yeah wow Mom was so annoying about that Bucky thing dangit.  WOW last night I had another dream that we were watching tasm2 and it was us same four watching it for the first time but we were trying to all squeeze into this chair and Noah kept making me sit on the floor and everyone kept talking the whole time and it was the worst experience ever.

Wow haha that's crazy about the cracking eggs thing.  Well I guess there's a lot of egg cracking in that movie but just wow

Oh okay.  Haha Phil

Yeah I know you want me to be aunt-may but what do I want.  Probably not that right now

Um do you mean just a normal place to make lil guys and not like a special place to make cap2 guys?  Because I don't think such a place exists even. There is an Avengers doll thing but that's not

Yeah dang that vid I should never have put that on tumblr it's really embarrassing

Well I think it was while you were in nyc that the cast of tasm2 were there for the premiere or whatever. Someone I know snuck into the thing lol

When were you in Knoxville? Oh wait was that for the music festival thing with Gob?

Tyt about my idea to blow up the community center.

Tyt about my list of cards.  Hmm let me see if any of those are yucky babies.  I guess only the Red Hulk I don't like v much I don't not like him I just don't care but we needed to have him so we could have three hulks that was our goal

Oh yeah I remember that conversation. Though I wonder who is older at this point because I think I read that Bucky was a lil bit older than Cap before like less than a year but Cap has been unfrozen for more than a year but how long did Bucky take to kill those people probably not a whole year idk

But is the disc drive in the wii working yet that's what we all want to know

Yeah I've only heard of one other time of there being a midnight premiere at the Morris theater and that was for Iron Man 3 last year but I didn't go to that either because that was also right before finals week.  Having movies come out right around finals is just not ideal.  Maybe in 2016 I will be able to go to the midnight premiere of tasm3 bc I think that's going to come out in June so that will be after I graduate wow

Dang that PeterJohnny icqcme to read that issue!!!!!!!!!!!

Tyt about my game idea.  Well hmm if other people want to help come up with the scavengers than that would be good otherwise I could do it. But the question is how many scavengers should there be???

No we don't want Pete to die again that would not be ideal.  What would be ideal would be if I had a million dollars to buy them all and I could go to the comic book store every week to get them that would be ideal

Tyt about my vid!!!!

What is baja sol.  Dang well I want one of those action figs will you take me to target when I get home

Dang that flappy 2048 game!!! I have played it before actually I don't like it bc I'm so bad at flapping but I did get to 8192 in that game which is my goal for 2048 but

Haha wow that's craz about Sam and Dean and Bucky and Cap.  Bucky and Cap are a lil bit like Sam and Dean actually bc they are kind of like brothers but closer haha.  Also they risk their dumb lives for each other dangit and one time Cap watched Bucky fall to his apparent death but then he came back WOW and that part in cap2 at the end is kind of like in the end of Swan Song when Lucifer Sam is beating up Dean NO DANGIT STOP WOW PLEASE END ME

This day was supposed to be deleted from existence why is it still happening?

Dangit I need more jamz

Bleh I wish you could come to get me bc we will need your help carrying all my stuff down the stairs!!  Haha jk I wish it bc icqcme to see my g

Does you wanting to watch that Pooh movie have anything to do with Chris Evans singing that Pooh song or is it mere coincidence?

Dangit we needed that Winter Solider hoodie for ya

Bleh I wish I was going to Duluth this is the rustiest stuff I've ever experienced.

Hey g before you leave for Duluth can you try to record this Saturday's SNL so I can watch it when I get home???

Okay here's a thing about my day.  I woke up and then I accidentally slept for an extra like half an hour but it was nbd except that I had to print a thing before class which I remembered bc I saw my note so I quickly got ready and then went to print the thing and then went to class and then went to another class and in that class my prof brought us donuts and juice so that was nice and then I had lunch and then I did hw and studied for an exam and wrote this post and then I had dinner and then I studied some more and wrote this post some more and then I had ice cream cake and then  I took a shower and then I finished this post

Okay here's the list of things to scavenge.  They do not need to be found in order!

*a squirrel
*a walrus
*something you ate in your day
*the best time to wear a striped sweater
*the winter solider
*a funky little bear
*old friends coming together after 70 years apart
*the petermjs
*the most good looking little thing you can find at a place where things are made
*a very big person
 *the chamber of secrets
*a ghost
*the end of the line
*knife party
*a mage of d00m

Well that's all have a nice day!!!

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