Tuesday, November 12, 2013

a chicken like me needs company

heyyyyyyyyy gs

well yeah i'd rather see thor 2 but i didnt think most ppl would want that so. wow gob what is wrong w/ everyone in your family tho. well i do not want to see the hunger games. aw gs isnt there just some nice lil happy family movie like the kinda thing we usually see?

tyt for the jamz g!!!! i might post some later in this post or maybe the next one. i like your friend's bands ep. it didnt sound that rough to me

noooooooo para you have to see thor 2!!!!!! wont it at least come to morris eventually?????

ok well some people wont have a winter break...

oh ok tyt for clearing up my questions. aw g thats sad about this omd thing :(

nice hob pics!!!! im so beautiful!!!!!!!!!! and i say the darndest things

well i guess you like spiderman more than you hate spiders lol

wow i was just reading a post where you really grumpily talked abt cleaning some llamas or something at the land school (well you just talked grumpily abt the land school in general but that was part of it) so i can see why you would hate a place where people give you llamas

yeah set up a camera in the dining hall and get it to take pics of you eating meatballs. altho you might wanna eat hot dogs to feel more like spiderman. do they have hot dogs there

oh ok that does not sound worth it. did you really need extra credit that badly

haha yeah para like remember when you were like "i wish everyone would shut up about avengers" and then..........................

i dont know what side mom was arguing. she just said her class is doing those survey things again and someone's survey was "whats your favorite avenger" and then there was an argument about if spiderman is an avenger

ok but aren't ALL times a time when someone should shut up and let people whos opinions matter be heard? wow that shits been happening so much lately w/ people tryna talk over people who are actually part of a certain group and ive had just about enough wow

aw g sorry for talking about food so much. i dont think this not eating on the weekends thing is your best idea really. haha what if during tgiving weekend we had weekend laziness

very berry clusters is from trader joe's. its kinda like berry burst cherries but w/ flakes and clusters and it is very nice tho i only got one bowl because the c3r3al monster gobbled it up

aw g wel i dont have a week off for tgiving...............also noah may have a week off but he also only has a week or so off for winter break just remember that. bleh the saturday, sun, mon, tues before tgiving i have to work SO MUCH. like 7 hours, 6, hours, 8 hours, 8 hours I WANT TO DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tho im kinda happy about it because that will make tgiving break even better like i think the last time i had school or anything around tgiving time was like 3 years ago and i remember i had so much to do before it so then when it finally got here it was so nice wow so that will be good. in theory at least.

oh yeah youre right if we dont have latkes during tgiving then you wont be able to have them. but i think mom said she will make them so

wait are those a bunch of different netflix series that theres going to be or is them all in one? if theyre separate then thats a lot of serieses

aw g why is yucki the main character of that i dont know if i could watch that

nice vid!!!

nice photo i guess. whos red eyes are them? molly???

ok today i had a song stuck in my head the whole day and it was so catchy and i was like what is this and then i realized its a song from the spiderman musical. wow theres some great songs in that...................

last night i had a dream where i died but i didnt wake up when i died. that was crazy. well i became a ghostie! so small. that was a crazy dream in general

wow what has got noah's goat, i wonder

ok this is really a pic of yesterday but w/e heres what i got when i went shoppin

and heres a close up of my captain america shirt and my thor bag!!!!!

dont worry para we gotchoo some things. well mom gotchoo somethin and i gotchoo somethin very little. idk if theyre presents tho. well i think i'll just give yu the thing when i see ya. ok at hot topic they had a thor shirt tho!!! and a cool deadpool shirt. and things. you should go there......................

wow now i have 3 marvel shirts. what the actual heck

ok theres my post. i was gonna put it something very special and some jamz exchange but i'll do those next time

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