Thursday, November 7, 2013

goats in the night

Hey gs!!!

I also have those same qs about that pic you posted Gob and I would like answers please.  Most especially who you killed.

Ya Hob I know I was just jokering haha

But why will it still suck once Thanksgiving is over and there is only two and a half weeks until I'm home for a p long time for winter break???

Yeah tbh I blame fanboys for feeding me their horrible opinions about MJ when I was trying to read stuff about Spider-Man on the internet before I had read actual comics with MJ in them.  I also blame the first Spider-Man movie because even though MJ in that movie isn't deserving of all the hate she gets, she is still nothing like comics MJ who is super awesome but way dif and tbh I also blame MJ a little bit bc she is a very complicated character and if you only know a little about her, well you might not like her bc you don't really understand her and you might think something about her that is wrong.... Well it's hard to explain but MJ is super cool yeah and I didn't understand her but now I do.

Oh okay.  Well I can't tell you all the reasons but okay.....
*Did you know that MJ knew Peter was Spider-Man before he was really even Spider-Man?  That's mega cool stuff right there
*But if you think that MJ only likes Peter bc he is Spider-Man then sweetie you are really misinformed because she didn't even want anything to do with him until she met him and realized he is really adorable and worthy of her awesomeness
*They had their first kiss at an airport and if you don't think that's romantic you can get out
*They're so jokey and like the smallest guys ever like they make each other laugh and just like are best friends
*One time Felicia called Peter tiger and he was like okay bud don't call me tiger
*One time MJ carried Peter's books for him and told him he was a sex object and I think that's beautiful
*There was that time I showed you where MJ did the pokey fingers thing to make Peter smile so you basically can't not ship it after seeing that I mean come on
*There was never a fucking love triangle between Peter and MJ and Gwen even though MJ liked Peter when he and Gwen were together she didn't try to come between them because she wanted Peter to be happy
*If you love angsty ships like me well then you could consider OMD sort of a good thing bc it was basically the worst thing to ever happen to a ship you just have to believe that one day they will get back together.......
*Peter will basically do anything for MJ she probably has mind control over him jk he just loves her a lot.

Okay that'a very incomplete list lots of those things are so random but we tried

Yeah we probably do know that grrr

Oop I forgot to make more Hob pics I'll try to remember that for next time.

Bleh actually idk when I will be able to see Thor 2 also bc idk when it's coming to the Morris theatre wow it's so dumb bleh bleh bleh

Tyt about my roommate

Wow I only watched Bugs probs like once or something so you'd think I was not one of those people but actually I have watched gifs of Dean slapping Sam's ass hundreds of times probs so I'm good

Well I've been slowly putting my art on Deviantart even though I hate that place kind of but I want to have it all in one place I guess.  Also I've posted a couple of things on tumblr like the other day I posted something and it's getting lots of notes but I don't really care that much about other people seeing it bc I mostly just like drawing for myself.  The art that I saw posted on tumblr was actually the pic of Deapool as a chef that you requested for me to draw.

Tyt about my piccie.  By symbiote Spider-Man I mean just normal Spider-Man but when the symbiote that became Venom was his suit. Yeah good times.  Actually that's still going on in the comics I'm reading.

Okay nice bc I will probably want to post more than one pic most days.  I have found that carrying a camera around with me makes me feel like Spider-Man.

Well there's not as many candy wrappers in my can bc I didn't buy as much candy and also there's lots of tissues and stuff in my can bc my nose is still kind of sniffly from that cold I had.

Tyt about my posters and my face.  Nah Molly doesn't have any posters or any pics.  Haha actually I am the one that has pics of myself but they're only on my desk and other people are also in them with me like my lovely sister!

Wow all lifeguards do is blow blow blow their stupid whistles, eat chicken strips, rub rub rub that white stuff on their noses and show off their gross misshapen bodies!!!

Yeah I need me some snuggly Spider-Man pajama pants.  You should buy me some for xmas.  Right now I have a blanky over my legs bc they are so cold.

Yeah wow wtf is happening in spn it used to be a real show and now it's just a joke I think.

Nice behind the scenes look!

I'm really excited because the new Ms. Marvel is going to be a Muslim-American teenager!!!  Also she is a shapeshifter that is so cool!  I'm way behind on reading Captain Marvel but I am planning to catch up on that book and others.  I'm def going to read Ms. Marvel when it comes out next year!!!

Here's a pic I drew of her!!!!

If you are wondering what she is holding it is her mask because I kind of forgot about it when I was drawing her face which I drew first and then I didn't want to cover up her face which I worked so hard on so I made her just be holding it.....

Okay so today I was innocently eating dinner when the rapist guy from my Latin class came up to me and starting talking to me and he asked me to be in a scene with him for this Cabaret thing for extra credit and it was tonight and it was happening in like half an hour from then but he needed another person and I needed extra credit so that's the story of how I ended up doing a scene in Latin at a Cabaret thing today with the rapist guy and half an hour's notice.

But a good thing about today was that I had a delicious caramel apple and got some caramel apple lollies and played apples to apples.  It was an apple thing.....

Okay time for the game.

Here's some possible evidence of this "fall" thing I've heard about.  I liked this view from the tops of some steps because you could see the wind turbine over the trees but idk if you can see it in this picture.

Here was my lunch.

Have a nice day!!!

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