Friday, November 15, 2013


heyyyyyyyyyyyy gs

ok im starting this post at like 12:15 am bc im soooooooooooooooooooooooooo bored wow ive been so bored for like 2 days and really wanting to post or at least like do something idk. wow why have i been so bored idk. if theres nothing missing frm my life why do tears come at night

ok what the heck gob didnt post but he started a post so why didnt he finish it. ok i'll assume he'll post it eventaully and i'll reply to his stuff later in the post

wait has no one in gob's family seen the avengers either wtf. i guess we dont know that but wow if that is true then what even. gobs family has some explaining to do. im just saying this bc i just finished watching the avengers and i was reminded that its really good wow what a good movie

ok para i didnt know you had any friends who would want to see thor. or do them just not care for spiderman? bleh when will i see it tho??????????????????????????????????????????????

yeah im really excited for your winter break altho tbh i was really excited for your winter break last year but then ya kind of let me down by spending most of the time w/ noah and its tru that i wasnt feeling the best but would you have still spend it all w/ noah if i was feeling better theres just no way of knowing. but i hope this time will be better bc we'll watch a thing and we can go some places and stuff like idk we should go to lunch again bc that was fun last time. i will treat u this time wow yeah icqcme

bleh darn that spock to heck. I WANT SPOCK DEAD NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but i kno my ship will find its way back to each other eventually

ok g sometimes i forget you hate spiders too but then i imagine you standing on your bed with a vacuum cleaner in the middle of the night sucking up spiders and i remember

ok but if you just set up a secret camera somewhere and just ate meatballs like normal would it really be that awkward like no one would have to kno

yeah doi i kno everything there is to kno about spiderman. hahahhh that reminds me that the other day i read this amazing fic i wrote icqcml at it ever. its in this post:

alright bud it sounds like you didnt really NEED the extra credit like usually when people say they need extra credit its bc theyre not doing the best so yeah you should not have went and done that. wow you really need to get that guy away from you

yeah tru well really the only one of those things i see is loki fans but those other things should be shutted up about def. tho i thought you liked this superfamily thing what is wrong w/ it

well spiderman wasnt included on the survey. ok mom said iron man was winning yucky. followed by thor yummy

yeah g ok that is just middle of the week para talking im sorry to say. ok we will not have weekend laziness at tgiving. wow we usually have the opposite of that wow theres so much food always thats so beautiful

alright i think you're a darn fool for never listening to the spiderman musical. wow i love some of them songs haha. my fav song is a peter/mj song altho they kinda break up in it i think but its still so beautiful. wow if there was a musical of a thing i loved i would be all over that. oh wait................................

tyt about my stuff i got! yeah i love my cap shirt and thor bag and my sweaties and booties altho the booties are actually slippies and they are so snuggly!!!! and they have cush on the bottoms so im walkin on a cloud

idk how the heck youre supposed to go to hot topic but like just in general u should go. ok ill take u there on your wintry break

ok well thats normal for you to have 9 marvel shirts. like me i have more marvel shirts than i have shirts for things i like more than marvel. tho i realized i have a shirt for like prac every fandom ive ever been in thats pretty amazing

wow thats a really awesome backpack!!!! now i have my thor bag and you have your spiderman bag!! i saw a spiderman backpack today but yours is better. wow i s2g that i see at least one spiderman thing every time i go to work what even

okkkkkk gob posted finally

well gob thats bc no one likes dc. jk im indifferent to dc but yeah marvel is just poppin out movies and shows what the heck. theres some im really excited for tbh. like that darn thor 2...........................................

but also i watched the trailer for the new x men after we wtched that darn one and it looked so good wow. and im excited for most of the movies i guess

aw g in my opinion theres worse music that your suitemate could be playing altho i guess pm anything could be annoying if thats literally all they play

what was the spoiler for

tyt for more jamz!!!

aw bud ya didnt post a pic

ok what else what else

wow theres so much marvel in this post let me talk about something else but idk what. im kind of like in between fandoms rn i guess tho i still love the things i love but just idk bleh i hate this. ok i guess theres nothing to say

para heres a reminder to post that pic that you drew in your next post!!!!

well heres a before and after pic of the cranberry orange scones i made for the brunch im goin to tomorrow!!




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