Monday, November 11, 2013

willie cat

hey gs

wow this was a busy evening.  i had a clarinet studio recital and a band concert pretty much back to back and i didn't get a chance to have dinner because i was busy from like 5-9.  the band concert went just okay but i did really awesome on my solo and like it wasn't perfect but it was the best i've ever performed it!!!

blehh this salad i bought at the coffee shop tastes way worse than it looked.  i guess i'm having burger king for dinner because it is like literally the only thing open within walking distance

well i guess it wasn't too bad but just like i don't like having fast food so often because like it tastes good while i'm eating it but i feel gross afterwards if i have too much of it.

i would be down to see thor 2 at tg but i had just thought you would have wanted to see it by before then so that's why i didn't think about us watching it at tg though.  idk about other people in the family though since i don't think anyone in my family has seen the first thor movie.  my dad was like talking about a movie to go see over tg and like he said the new hunger games movie but i also don't know if everyone has seen the first one or wants to see the second one.

okay here are some new jamz for the tg jamz exchange!!!!!

futura - battles
climbing up the wall (fila brazillia mix) - radiohead
where is it going - orbital
swing tree - discovery
drugs - ratatat
instructional video - bang on a can all-stars

this is my friends' band's new EP that they just released and like some of it is kinda rough and unpolished and you can tell they are still pretty new as a band but some of the tracks are like really awesome and i would listen to it even if it wasn't my friend's band!!!

okay well you would have to buy these if you want to download them but it is on bandcamp where you can name your own price like even buying the whole album for just $0.01.  or you can just listen to it for free on there if you want, or not.

i'll post some better/more jamz next post i just didn't have much time left for this post so i just chose some really quickly.

okay i'm going to come back to post my picture because i don't feel like getting it from my ipod onto the computer right now but i will put it in later.

okay here's a picture of the next solo i'm going to work on for clarinet.

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