Friday, November 1, 2013

what a tangled goat we weave!

Hey gs!!!

Happy November!!!

Yeah having more than like seven tabs open is stressful to me so I just don't do it

Well now I have 9 jamz so what does that tell you?  It tells you that I listened to a bunch of songs by this one band and liked them all....

Something that's so crazy is that Thanksgiving is so late this year that after Thanksgiving break I only have like two and half weeks of school until winter break!!!  Icqcme!!!

Yeah same are fall and spring even real???

Yeah under seven is a good age of kids I guess.  I guess if I saw them all the time and they were annoying I might hate them more but I only ever have very brief very rare usually positive experiences with them so.  Omg speaking of that in psych the other day we were watching videos of cute babies bc we were talking about development and let me tell you babies are p cute sometimes

Speaking of babies also I'm so sad that we won't get to see Miriam until next Thanksgiving bc that's in so long like that is a long time for a baby!!!! A baby can learn to talk and walk in that amount of time!!!! I'm so sad about that!!!!!

Hey if you disrespect JJ he will write an angry editorial about you just a warning

Uh it's probably not the casting people its probably the producers/directer/whatever.  But yeah.

Same!!! Well actually idk if I ship GwenMJ or PeterMj more but yeah neither of those ships will be in TASM 2 so does it even matter

Yeah I could do it!!! Or you know there's also real food at the c-store I think. Tbh I have hardly gone there this whole year.... This is not looking good for our heroes who don't want to have to bring home 30958032 pounds of candy again at the end of the school year.

Tbh I don't know what to do.  I could just say yeah hopefully I'll be able to find a ride but then what if I can't then I'm trapped here until Wednesday night......

Tyt about my pics!!! Yeah that first one took v long to draw and color

Haha what a small cat!!!!!!!!!!!!! How does she even get them out of there omg

Wtf are mom and dad even real????

Aw g that is so many hours

Why did everyone grump around the house on Halloween?  Clearly they did not have the Halloween spirit in them!!!

Aw g here's a big bummer for us all called the TASM 2 trailer is apparently not coming out until next month ):  I had heard it would be showing before Thor 2 so it would be coming out around right now but I guess it's not.  That's so dumb that there's already an X-Men Days of Future Past trailer but no TASM 2 trailer when TASM 2 is coming out like twenty days before.

Oop I made this vid so long ago like many many months ago but I just uploaded it today

Okay here's some great Hobby pics I made!!

Bleh how can I avoid Thor 2 spoilers in a way that doesn't involve not going on the internet???

Okay well it's time for the game.  Here's a picture of my beard that I have grown for no shave November

That's all have a nice day!!!

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