Monday, November 4, 2013

make way for...goat!

Hey gs!!!

Yeah nice gc!

Wow everyone wants to take credit for this game well guess what no it was my idea everyone back off

Yeah it does kind of suck that Thanksgiving is so late bc like it is so far away from now but I am so ready for it. Like I guess it sucks from this side of Thanksgiving but from the other side it will be v nice I guess???

Oh also wow the first night of Hanukkah is the day before Thanksgiving????  Okay????

Okay here's what Jameson has to say about the Goblog probably:
Young people these days sure are into some weird stuff. Goats? Chickens?  What are they, farm animal enthusiasts?  And I for one demand to know what their fascination is with jam. Jam is something you spread on toast.  How much of it can you need?  Not to mention, one of these so called "bloggers" is clearly a Spider-Man sympathizer!  The more support that wallcrawling menace gets, the more dangerous he will become!  If we allow websites such as this, that cheer on that arachnid maniac, to exist, people might start to think he's some sort of hero!  That is why I advocate for the Go Blog to be shut down immediately!  It's not like it's doing any good anyway!  I mean, how many posts can you make about cats before you've said all there is to say?

Icr when I starting liking MJ but tbh when I said I didn't like MJ a long time ago I didn't really know anything about her I was so dumb.  But PeterMJ is like.  A v good ship bc they are soulmates and well you know how I feel about soulmates cough cough Wincest

Well okay that is not the only reason PeterMJ is good I could tell you lots of reasons but do you want to hear them idk

Well I am trying to avoid having to bring that home again g this weekend I bought some apple juice and some soup

Yeah Dad sent me an email about them going to Boston like in the morning before they left.....  I really don't understand why they did that...........

Nah g I will tell you the Halloween spirit.  Okay picture Giggle Buddy.  He has the Halloween spirit.

Tyt about my vid!

Tyt about my Hob pics! I will try to make more of them and also some Gob pics although it's easier for me right now to make Hob pics because I am right now reading comics that have the Hobgoblin in them and it's easier for me to find panels from comics I have recently read than ones I read like a year ago that would have the Green Goblin in them but I will try

Actually I got the blacklist thing to work again so I think I'm mostly safe.  I only have to worry about it until Friday when I am hopefully going to see it although idek yet if the Morris theater will be playing it actually idk the website is so dumb it only shows what's playing until Thursday???

Tyt about my beard.

Yeah Hob my roommate and I have a great relationship and she's a v good roommate so I don't really have anything to complain about???? I kind of miss complaining about my roommate though haha.  Well okay here's what I can do instead I can stay things about her and they will all be nice things
*She is so cute. So smiley very nice
*Sometimes we ask each other how our days are like we are each other's parents like hey kid how was school? We are so cute
*Today we spent a good several mins listening to our radiator bc we don't think it's working but we don't know for sure
*Sometimes she laughs very a lot at things on the internet.  I don't know what they are but I'm glad they are making her happy!!!
*She just whispered "that's creepy" at her computer
*Sometimes she stays up until 5 am studying and then the next day she asks me if she bothered me and I tell her I didn't even notice bc it's true she is very silent and doesn't wake me up what a good person

Yucky bugs episode did he hate it???

Nice muffies!!! I want them!!!

Gob how many days do you have off for Thanksgiving??

Nice cute baby!!!

Wow what really makes you feel like an artist is randomly seeing your art on tumblr that someone posted without you knowing about it.... Lots of people reblogged it though wow okay.............. At least they credited me????

Well okay speaking of art here's a piccie

This is the first pic I have drawn of symbiote Spider-Man that hasn't looked completely awful but idk

Okay time for the game.  I found my camera today because I was going to take a picture of my food in the dining hall but then my food wasn't even good and it wasn't worth getting awkward stares for taking a picture of my food in the dining hall so I didn't take a picture of that.  But then I was bored in my room and took a bunch of pictures so I'll just show you a few but is there a rule against having multiple pics idk should there be???

Here's a picture of my roommate's trashcan speaking of my roommate.  As you can see she has been eating a lot of Halloween candy!!!

And the close up

Also I took this better pic of my Spider-Man posters aww yeah

And here's a pic of my face awwwwww yeahhhhh

Okay that's all have a nice day!!!

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