Tuesday, November 19, 2013

to squash a goat!

Hey gs!!!!

Yeah Gob's gotta be dead for sure.  I guess we can mourn him at tgiving.

Well in our dorm room we keep the lights off that's just how we roll.  It's better that way because then we're not wasting electricity doi

Okay well I don't know who Joe is.  I guess you could mean Jon because that is who I am seeing the movie with.  Yeah we are planning to go on Friday I guess so hopefully that will actually occur this time.

Well I would rather do stuff with you but I also love Marvel so there you go.  But how do you know the name you picked for me isn't my own???  Well I guess we will see.

Yeah Peter is dead but also his life is a mess even more than that bc nobody knows he's dead and Spock is making everyone hate him and he lost him his job I think and the Avengers want to kill him and he's turning all of New York against him again and it's just horrible.  Like when Peter comes back to life it's not gonna be fun for him probably.

Yes Spider-Man is quicker than a normal spider he has the PROPORTIONATE speed of a spider so since he's a bigger than a spider he can move way way faster.  Like he can move so fast you might even not see him move at all.  Plus when you tried to attack him with the vacuum he would know you were going to do it before you even did it because of his spider-sense.  So yeah it would be really hard to get him.

Nice try on your answers.  Idk if I can answer them bc I don't know everything about Spider-Man! Okay I will give it a shot.

1. At least 65
2. I ate it.
5. One or two maybe more.

Yeah I do ship Stony that's why I said "some dumb Stony fans" doi.  Though I don't reaaaaally care about it that much I just can't not ship it I mean it's p canon.

I could do that maybe.

Yeah they do always have Marvel stuff I'm just saying.  I'm not sure when I'll come home because the finals schedule isn't available yet but it'll be at the latest on the 19th.  Wow that is one month from today!  The earliest it could be is the 16th I guess.  So yeah somewhere in there.

Okay you already know this but I'm coming home on Tuesday but it's so dumb because today I learned that the only class I have on Tuesday is cancelled that day so I won't even have any classes that day!  Too bad I can't come home Monday night wow!!!  That would be amazing.

I don't think I've ever had 9 shirts for one fandom before though.

Yeah wow when I watched spn I would have been all over that bc the only merch you could find was online p much.

But okay speaking of Hot Topic I had a really weird dream that me and a bunch of people were fighting to the death and the last person standing was going to be the guardian of Buffy the Vampire Slayer because our own mother was her old guardian because she had psychic powers but now her powers were becoming too weak to protect Buffy anymore.  But okay I had a sword and I was fighting all these people outside in this parking lot and I remember stabbing this guy in the shoulder repeatedly and then I finally killed him by slashing him across the chest and there was so much blood wow and then finally me and this one guy were the only two people left but he was a really good fighter and I was a little bit afraid of him so I went into Hot Topic but I had my bloody sword with me but good news it was Halloween and there was a Halloween party going on in there so I pretended like the sword was part of my costume even though I wasn't wearing a costume and I kind of dragged the bloody sword along the ground and okay Mom was in the store and she was trying to get me to buy a Star Trek shirt but I wasn't really paying attention to her because the guy who was trying to kill me had followed me into the store and then finally I talked to him and we came to an agreement that we would both be Buffy's guardians and then we left Hot Topic and I stole the Star Trek shirt for some reason even though Mom was gonna buy it for me I just ripped the tags off and took it.  And then as we left the store Buffy complained about how she hates Hot Topic.  The End.

Um you probably do want to be in the Marvel fandom bc why wouldn't you???  Yeah esp starting to be in the Marvel fandom is a lot of work bc there's so much stuff and it's so confusing at first but if you had any questions I could answer them!!!!

The vid that's in the top 4 most watched is the Spectacular Spider-Man Kiss the Girl vid???  Also it's rapidly gaining views like it's about to overtake the first fanvid I've ever made and it's only been up there for a few months so

Aw g well you should work on your vid maybe!!!  Tyt about my other vid.

Tyt about my photos yeah that one's my fave too but can we talk about how the squirrel in the first photo has a glowing demon eye???

PeterMJ tho!!!!!!! Well if you have an qs about them u can ask like why are they so small and dumb why do they hurt us this way harry

But wow I'm puking because I was looking at pics of Shailene playing MJ in TASM 2 which we will never see and I want to cry because like

Look at this omg so much PeterMJ look at their stupid faces look how Peter is smiling at her also MJ on a moTORCYCLE I'M SO MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow just their darn giggly faces wow wow wow please let us wake up and this will all have been a dream and PeterMJ don't exist

Also GwenMJ please no this is when they meet each other look they touch each others handsssss

Giggly Gwen with MJ n noo ooooooooo

Okay but this is by far th E WORST PICTURE YOU WILL EVER SEE it is MJ looking up at Spidey swingin away and smilin please stop the PeterMJs they're out of control

Also just pls look at this lil cutie she's so gr8 gosh I love MJ 

In conclusion we need to find whoever kicked MJ out of this movie and burn their house to the GROUND

Tyt about my pics!!

Yeah but how can we get those crazy kids back together they are so doomed

Yqw for the jamz!

Yeah I should make a PeterMJ fanmix bc I have a lot of songs for them.  But I also have so many fanmixes I want to make. But I'm so PeterMJ right now I just

Tyt for the jamz!  Hahah I also know just one of yours!

Nice cute Thor display!!!

Welp I saw more of my art posted on tumblr and it got lots more notes this time also. Idk.

Aw g I'm really sad bc Barbara Park died :(

Wow I used to be really worried that the Ant-Man in the Ant-Man movie wouldn't be Hank but now it's looking more and more like it's going to be Scott but I don't really care that much actually bc I do really like Scott now but the one thing I'm sad about is that probably means no Jan bleh






Wow there are a lot of pictures in this post so far kind of

Well we haven't talked about tgiving that much I mean we have but not really but I'm so excited!!!!!!!! icqcme at all!!!!! What will we do at tgiving will we play taboo will we make paper chains will we make duct tape chains will we make harry potter board games will we put on a tgiving play who knows????

Wow a crazy thing is that almost exactly a year ago from when we watched that darn movie Hob was the day that I watched it last year for the second time......amazing.

Okay well time for the game.  Unfortunately my camera's out of batteries so I had to take pics with my webcame but I couldn't find anything in my room I wanted to photograph so going along with the theme of this post having a bunch of pics here's a bunch of pics of me playing out with the webcam effects on my comp I tried to get them to go onto other people like my Thor action figure or my Spidey bobble head but it didn't work bum bum bum so these are all of me sorry


Am mazing!!!

That's all have a nice day!!!!!!

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