Sunday, November 3, 2013

the chicken of treachery

heyyyyyyyyy gs

yeah nice gc last night!!!! that was a p good one even

wow i do not remember you suggesting this game but if you did then lol sorry. maybe we didnt wanna do it at that point but idk why cuz it seems like a realyl good game. or maybe you said somethin slightly dif

cutie baby!

ok well theres a new rule that you're not allowed to list positive and negative things about your day in your post. if you do you'll be punished. nah you wont

oh yeah para like half my jamz are from the same g cuz i listened to every jam by a g and i liked so many

well imo it really sucks that tgiving is so late blehhhh. tho thats cool about you only havin two and a half weeks between yr breaks

yeah same will what you bring to tgiving next year even be a baby???? we dont know

ok wheres the angry editorial about me

he should write one about thegoblog that'd be so cool

well i meant not the actual casting people but the people in charge of these casting decisions w/e

wow when did you start to ship spiderman and mj and when did you even start to like mj wow

hahahaha im not quite containing my laughter at thinking about what you might be bringing home at the end of this school year oh man

ok well just do something i dont know....................

yeah wow this small cat has lost its mind idek

so have mom and dad wow. i didnt say that the whole reason they went to boston was to go to a parade wow........................................................................................

nah g the halloween spirit is to grump around the house

thats a bummer about the trailer :(

nice vid!


idk g you will prob have to not go on the internet

haha nice lil beard

wow i almost started saying positives and negs. yikes

ok para i realized that you must really like your roommate because i dont think you've ever complained about her and that is really something

today noah watched bugs hahaaahahahahaha

heres my banana muffies i made today

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