Wednesday, November 20, 2013

cat vision

hey gs!

wow i think i only know like 2 or or 3 of all those jamz.  tyt for them!!!

yay i will see you gs in wisconsin exactly a week from today!!!!!!!!!!!!  icqcme for my break and thanksgiving and everything!

here is a list of stuff i am excited for tg break:

  • thanksgiving
  • all the amazing food that comes with tg
  • hanukkah
  • all the amazing food that comes with hanukkah
  • all the other great food i will eat while at wisconsin
  • roasting marshmallows and stuff over the fire
  • seeing para, hob, noah, aunt nina, and uncle ben
  • playing taboo
  • playing shuffle board
  • playing other board/card games
  • not having school and being stressed by it
  • getting a lot of sleep
  • listening to a lot of good music on the car ride
  • reading a lot of good books on the car ride
  • probably a ton of other stuff i forgot to put here as well

hahahaha this transcript that google made of my voicemail is hilarious because it only got like 70% of the words right! 

 So I'm going. This is suresh and tell her to be calling you tell me if you might be on your way here. School. I am really pretty sick, I came to play that the client but I really like to go home right now. So, I want mentioned to change our practice thing, Hi babe behibek 10 o'clock in the morning when I will be staying here and waiting for your thing. Silly so, then maybe I missed you here. If I don't. And then this is the message but I think you please come on 5 8 3 Thank you. Bye bye.

 it  really was mohinder suresh that was calling me though.  haha jj it was my piano accompanist.  her name sounds nothing like suresh though...

we have a map of the piano - mum
tornado - jonsi
23 - blonde redhead
rabbit in your headlights - unkle (featuring thom yorke)
allison - slowdive
popplagio / track 8 on the bracket album - sigur ros
stay lit - holy fuck
come a little closer - cage the elephant
zombies in america - the expendables
faking the books - lali puna
do the whirlwind - architect in helsinki
cherry blossom girl - air
i wanna be adored - the stone roses
where is my mind - trampled by turtles (pixies cover)
where is my mind - nada surf  (pixies cover)
lotus flower (jacques greene rmx) - radiohead
bloom (jamie xx rework part 3) - radiohead

here is a picture of some fruit i stole from the dining hall!

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