Friday, November 8, 2013

my cold cat

heyy gs.

sorry for that short post and being so mysterious by leaving questions unanswered.  i just had to post really quickly before midnight.  but stay and read this post for the answers to all of your questions and more!!!

Gob how many days do you have off for Thanksgiving??
i have the whole week off as my fall break.

okay, what the heck is happening in that picture ???
it is a kitten on top of a bed standing up against a wall.

is it a bed up against a wall and if so why??
yes it is a bed up against a wall and i think it is there because one of my suitemates is moving out of the double room so he put the bed in the closet.

why is the kitty on top of it???
because it likes to sleep up there.

how did it get there?????
it has front and back claws so it could just climb up there.

also wont you now get busted for having it in your dorm....
well we could have but we didn't.  it was moved out today.

also this is highly suspicious bc just the other day you were saying you really want a kitten and now im supposed to believe that one magically showed up in your dorm??????
yes you are supposed to believe that.

who did you kill to get that kitten gob
i didn't kill anyone!  and no one else killed anyone to get the kitten either.

are we gonna have a hanukah dinner like latkes and stuff at tgiving???
yeah we should do that!!!!

sorry if i missed any questions.  i think i got all if not most of them...

wow but i should probably respond to some stuff too i guess.  i feel like there's sooooo much stuff to respond to but that is partly because i didn't respond to anything last post.

i was reading about supernatural for some weird reason icr why on a blog and like it said how there were two gimmick episodes in a row this season.  i feel like the gimmick episodes lose their specialness and stop being funny if there are a billion of them and i feel like a lot of shows do a ton of them once the show has gone through a ton of seasons and the quality starts to go down.

those bannana muffins look delicious!!!

nice spider-man posters!

awesome symbiote spider-man picture!

i am guessing the behind the scenes picture is where you work, right hob?

nice ms. marvel picture!! though i don't really know much about her to be honest.

Other random stuff:

it was just recently announced that star wars episode vii is coming out december 18, 2015!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  icqcme for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  i'm kinda sad it isn't coming out in the summer or may (the month all previous star wars movies have come out) but i guess the reason they changed it is because they really want to make sure they have enough time to do it well so that is good i guess.  and maybe it was so it doesn't compete with avengers 2 since disney owns both of those.  as long as it doesn't get postponed any further...

have you gs seen the trailer for the book thief movie?  what would you gs think about seeing that at tg? idk

here is a really awesome new song i discovered.  wow the guy that wrote this music is like 18 years old and i think he was 17 when he released the album and he's like semi-famous now.

The Game:
here is a fanta i am drinking and a melting klondike bar i am eating

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