Friday, November 15, 2013

my chief cat

heyyy gs

wow its crazy like how much marvel film/tv stuff is coming out compared to how little dc is doing. like it seems like at least 3 or more marvel films come out a year now plus there is the shield tv show and all those shows coming to netflix.

wow i am so tired of my suitemate not only playing music loudly on his speakers that are really bad and have annoyingly loud bass but also i'm so tired of him always playing music by drake and that's like literally it.

aw g i just read a spoiler i didn't want to read.  blehh i hate official facebook pages for tv shows that blatantly post spoilers after an episode has aired and then they show up on my news feed. D:  i have so much random junk i liked on facebook i might just create a new account instead of trying unlike every page.

sorry this is going to be a sorta short post because i have a lot of studying/work to do tonight.

here are some more jamz though!!

Temecula Sunrise - Dirty Projectors
Sul Confine - En Plein Air
Penelope - Pinback
Easy Talk - O'Brother
Koyaanisqatsi - Bill Baird
Pound For Pound - The Bad Plus

oops i forgot i hadn't actually posted this last night even though i was done...

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