Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Cat trip

hey gs

okay so i am posting at 11:30 am but this is still going to be a pretty short post because i have a ton of packing and getting ready today still.  and at 6 we are leaving for a concert in indianpolis and then idk how late it will be after the concert when i can use the internet because i think we are going to drive some of the way to wisconsin after the concert and then find a hotel to stay overnight.

yeah i'm positive that for the last 2 years at least taboo has been at the house.

haha i actually only know one of those jamz (the ghost mice song) and i'm pretty sure you got that from me.  i might download some of those other ones if i have time.

here are the things i need to do before tg:

-clean up the house a bit
-help get all the food and other stuff we are bringing to tg packed
-load the car
-download more jamz if i have time but its not super necessary because i already have downloaded over 20 new albums

well i had planned to write more in this post but then we got busy packing for the trip and then we went to the concert and now I'm typing this post on my phone from the car and I don't really feel like typing a really long thing on it and using a ton of data. If I knew how to put in a picture on this app I would...  I'll try to add one in later though maybe

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