Saturday, November 16, 2013

the goat of mysterio!

Hey gs!!!

Wow it's so weird in my room right now bc t he light is on bc Molly is putting away her laundry so she needs the light to see I guess.  Also I'm still not used to it being warm in here since our heat was fixed yesterday. So it's like light and warm in here wow amazing.

Though this light is actually kind of irritating now I realize why we never turn it on I yearn for the darkness.

Well idk if anyone in Gob's family has seen the Avengers I'm just saying.  Yeah wow if not there is definitely something wrong with them.  Yeah I watched most of the Avengers the other day what a quality film

Well Hob I'm assuming you're talking about my friends as school bc obviously I have a lot of friends that would want to see Thor 2 but yeah I have some friends that like Marvel they're just not as crazy about it as I am and like they don't read comics.  But no I'm pretty sure they would see a Spider-Man movie too so.

Bleh when will I see Thor 2 my friend who was gonna take me to see it is sick so now I guess I have to wait until next weekend maybe bleh

Aw g well I recall you weren't feeling the best but yeah this year we can do so many things like we can go xmas shopping just us and that will be great!!!!  Awww yeah I can't wait for our lunch.

Yeah same Spock needs to get gone.  Well we don't want him dead well we do but we want him out of Peter's body first tho tbh I'd rather he die then continue on like this bc its making me really sad.

Aw g but Peter's life is such a mess rn and MJ is moving on so that's probably better for her but also please no

Haha yeah that was me.  What if Spider-Man was sitting on a wall and someone sucked him up in a vacuum cleaner?  Well they would have to do it really quickly to catch him.

Well there's not really anywhere to set up a camera and I don't have webs to stick one up somewhere so.  Also as I said before idk how to do that automatic pic taking thing so I don't think I can do it.

Well if you really know everything about Spider-Man answer these really simple questions:
1. How much Spider?
2. Where's the pig?
3. Why is Spider-Man the smallest best cutest superhero ever?
4. Does Spider-Man love babies?
5. How many spiders could a Spider-Man spider if a Spider-Man could spider spiders?

If don't know everything about Spider-Man until you can answer those questions.

Haha yeah that great fic.

Well we don't know yet whether I need the extra credit but yeah that guy needs to get gone also.

Wow I can't believe you haven't seen all those other things.  Well okay you are lucky bc you don't want to but yeah okay Superfamily I thought it was cute at first like there is some cute fanart for it I guess but it's gotten to the point where the majority of fics on ao3 with Spider-Man in them are superfamily and you can't go into the Spider-Man tag on tumblr without seeing a bunch of stuff about it and bleh if I see one more drawing of a baby with Iron Man and Captain America and am told it's Peter Parker I'm going to shoot myself.  Like if those dumb Stony fans want them to have a baby why can't they just make up their own baby.  Why do they have to steal Peter away from Aunt May?  Like yeah his parents are dead but that doesn't mean he doesn't have a family :( Also I'm really sick of people infantilizing him like just please no

Okay well I guess besides Spider-Man Thor is my favorite Avenger.

Okay well here's weekend Para and she just ate a ton of ramen noodles haha so she's fine

Aw g well I will get to listening to that someday.  Wow actually there is also a Spider-Man musical on youtube I never watched oop.

Oh I thought those might be slippies but I just said booties bc I wasn't sure and that term can also be used for slippies sometimes mabybe

Okay but my wintry break is still kind of long away they might not have the stuff still. Well tyt I would enjoy that

I probs have a shirt for like every fandom too but tbh I haven't been in as many fandoms probably.

Tyt about my backpack!

Probably the fact that you are in between fandoms and there was so much Marvel in your post is a sign that you should join the Marvel fandom

Nice scones!

Well Gob there still is DC stuff but idc about it so I don't pay attention to it really like there's that Green Arrow show and there's that Batman Superman movie they're making idk

Well speaking of movies apparently the TASM 2 trailer is coing out on Dec 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ICQCME

Also speaking of movies icqcml bc apparently Idris Elba can't keep the white guys in Pacific Rim straight either omg

Okay can we talk about how one of my vids that I posted like a couple of months ago is already in my top four most watched vids???  Like it is the most hastily made one also like its not even good I'm so confused I guess people like vids with Disney songs but then again I have a lot of those idgi

Okay Hob I finished the Supergirl vid but I still have so many other vids I need to upload that I keep forgetting about so I think I'm gonna upload one of those instead okay let's see

Ah yes I made this quite a while ago

Okay time for the game.

Today I walked to town to buy food and I took some pics of my walk so here's my walk summarized in three pictures

 A squirrel I saw on the way there... actually I saw a lot of squirrels but I only photographed one of them

  A very foggy thing in town.  It looks like the moon is there and is giant but that's not the moon that's just a weird floating orb idk

And back on campus.


Gosh I'm already so PeterMJ it's disgusting from reading that xmas ish but now I need to post my pics I drew and that's gonna make it worse okay well

I call this one "you thought I couldn't draw backgrounds....well you were right"

and I call this one "really dumb small cuddles"

Gosh look at how dumb and small they are okay I take it back I need Peter and MJ to get back together I don't even care

Okay I'm gonna put some jamz cause I still have a lot of time

*Broken Heartbeats Sound Like Break Beats - Los Campesinos!
*The Ghost of Corporate Future - Regina Spektor
*Kick Drum Heart - The Avett Brothers
*The War Was In Color - Carbon Leaf
*Paper Forest - Emmy the Great
*Adulthood - Jukebox the Ghost
*Colour Fade - Funeral Suits
*Storm Warning - I Am Kloot
*Swingset Chain - Loquat
*Hawkguy - Adam Warrock

Well okay that's enough jamz for now maybe there will be some more a dif day

Okay well have a nice day!

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