Friday, November 22, 2013

goat on campus

Hey gs!!!!

Gosh darn everything to heck!!!  My friend said he would take me to see Thor 2 today but today he told me he was going home for the weekend!!!  Why the heckie would you go home for the weekend the weekend before Tgiving???????  I hate every darn thing I'm never going to see Thor 2 am I???

Okay well here's the things about Tgiving I'm excited for:
*seeing all the cool people
*my jamz
*having a break from school
*stuffing my face
*playing taboo and poker and other
*watching Gob like a hawk when he's sleeping on the floor
*feasting my eyes on those darn pecan pie bars

I think it's normal to steal food from your dining hall tbh

Oh you probably meant John. No John the guy from the comic book store doesn't go to my school.  Jon is a different guy and he was supposed to take me to see Thor 2 but I'm a lil bit mad at him now.

Aw g that makes me really sad that you and Noah are going to see Thor 2 without me :( When will I see it even I don't know

Oh okay I didn't realize what that meant but ok icqcme to know who my name is!!!

Yeah dang Spock right to those darn depths!!!!

Well you don't have to know everything about Spider-Man to know that you don't know everything I mean you aren't even spelling his name right it's not spider man or spiderman it's Spider hyphen Man.

Yeah it was a lil bit earlier last year dang it.  Well last year also I just had one exam the first day I believe so I came home as soon as poss but this year who knows

Aw g well I'm just gonna be chillin on Tuesday anyway it's just I will be at school instead of at home so???  Well I will be chillin until 8 and then I will be driving but then I will be jammin so.  Actually I'll probably do some homework on Tuesday but that is nothing I don't think I will even have v much to do.  I'll probably pack too and stuff but that won't take long.

Aw g well I would still wear my spn shirts if spn had ended like 2 seasons ago but it's like I feel like I'm not a fan anymore since I quit watching like my friend Jon still watches spn and he accuses me of hating spn and I'm like I don't hate it you don't understand I was the biggest fan like 2 years ago so idk its like I can't wear those shirts do you feel me

Well I don't think I've ever had the experience of getting into a fandom and then hating the thing so idk.

Okay I don't know if your "where do you start" question was rhetorical or not but I'm going to seriously answer it for you and maybe this will help you and maybe it will help Gob since he as kind of??? expressed an interest in reading comics???? I guess????  Okay well maybe this will help someone

Para's Guide to Entering the Magical World of Marvel

1. PICK A TEAM!!!!
Okay well this isn't a definitive first step but it could be a very helpful one because the Marvel multiverse is huge and you can't try to plow through the whole thing because that's not going to be very effective.  People basically separate Marvel into three main teams though:  The Avengers, the Fantastic Four, and the X-Men. Obviously these do cross over a lot but that will actually help you to expand your knowledge if you just pick one and try to learn about that one first because you will be introduced to more of the characters that way.
Also, this doesn't have to be literal like you don't have to choose one of these literal teams.  Like, say you decided Daredevil was your favorite and you wanted to know more about him, well he is an Avenger, but for that I wouldn't suggest trying to learn all you can about the Avengers because you're not gonna come across Daredevil much that way.
Okay so most of the main Marvel characters have been around fifty-ish years, but you don't have to read fifty years of comics.  You can if you want, I mean I love old comics but they're probably not for everyone.  If you want to read modern comics, go ahead!  Marvel NOW is supposed to be a great starting point for new readers, and for most characters that's probably true.
Seriously, if you want to understand something, look on wikipedia or if you have a Marvel encyclopedia you can look in that haha.  Or you can ask Para.
For real though there are a lot of good Marvel cartoons in my opinion that can help you get a grasp of a lot of characters and storylines.  Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes  is probably one of the best ones because it has a lot of characters and it is really good in my opinion.  If you like X-Men, I would suggest Wolverine and the X-Men. I've heard the 90s X-Men show is good too, but I can't recommend it because I haven't watched it.
It's impossible to know 70 years of continuity.  Nobody can do it.  I certainly can't do it.  And you don't HAVE to read comics.  I mean just watching all the movies is a great start!  You could just watch all the movies and go straight to fanfiction if you want and you could still be part of the fandom.

tl;dr Watch/read what you want, and don't worry about trying to tackle the whole multiverse at once.  If you want suggestions, tell me the kind of thing you're interested in and I'll direct you!!!

Okay hopefully that will be of use to someone idk.  By the way I'm really proud that I managed to go through that whole thing without mentioning Spider-Man at all I think.

Yeah idgi it either imo that vid has serious problems maybe they are watching it bc its so bad

Aw g can you possibly dl the vids in the right format haha.  Um idk I'm too lazy rn maybe next time although there are still vids I made before that one that I haven't uploaded but whatever

GOsh I don't think I can answer that question bc PeterMJ is just???  Way too small and dumb beyond reason?????  I guess I suggested a question bc that is a question I would like to know the answer to.  You should ask questions I could actually answer I guess haha

Yeah I mean I don't think MJ was supposed to be like a main character but I mean it seems like the filmed quite a few scenes with her I mean there's all those and those are just some of the ones outside we don't even know they could have filmed a lot of scenes inside and stuff.  Beyond the fact that it is just so stupid and cruel that they cut out MJ, I really hope it doesn't like ruin the movie from cutting out all that stuff haha

Yeah but wow those pics and those are just some of them wow wow wow

Aw g well my PeterMJ fanmix rn is just a long playlist of songs I listen to when I'm drawing PeterMJ and stuff

Bleh Harry/MJ is my notp for sure.  For one thing bc I don't like Harry that much. And for another thing MJ doesn't like Harry that much!!!!

Actually I realize I know 2 of your songs. Oblivion and Farewell to the Fairground.

Haha it was a pic that I drew for Noah's bday card I think with Spider-Man, Daredevil, and Deadpool in party hats.

Actually there have been three Ant-Mans haha

Yeah haha I saw that thing Noah reblogged about the potatoes and I was also confused by it!!!!  We need some darn answers from that boy

Haha yeah we always have 39025092 desserts icqcme!!!!  Bleh I do not want this weekend at all I wish tomorrow could be Monday.

Oh I forgot that it was Mother's day the first time we watched it but I guess that makes sense.

Tyt about my pics!!!

That's p cool about that casting news I guess.

Aw g I have over 50 jamz now but I need more than you probs since I have more driving to do

Aw g well I really want to at least have that playlist!!!!  Yeah wow that part that I showed you omg

Yeah haha that cover is so hilarious but also so stupid like it seems like its a parody but its not???  Wow but what even

Nice desk chair and nice other pic!! Very cutie!!!!

Nice voicemail Gob. That would be crazy if Mohinder Suresh was calling you bc most likely he would be calling about his father's research to tell you that you may have special abilities!!!!

Tyt for the jamz

That fruit does not have a good look to it.  I don't think they ever really have pears in my dining hall.

Hahah icqcml at this Eduardo from the Social Network/chicken hurt comfort fic I wrote one time

Okay time for the game.  Here's a v sneaky pic of my roommate!

Okay also I have some piccies I think let's see

Okay this is a reinterpretation of an actual panel from a comic. I think it looks a lil bit weird but

Haha okay and this is some very cartoonish PeterMJs

Beep boop have a nice day!!!

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