Sunday, November 10, 2013

the goat's prey

Hey gs!!!

Yeah wow I wish Supernatural would just end wow yeah I watched the promo for that last ep I think it was and it hurt my soul

Wait but I want to see Thor 2 at tg?????  I might not get to see it before then so if I don't see it then I will probably never see it and die a very lonely death at the age of 19.

I don't want to see the Book Thief anyway sorry

Yeah but that won't have to do with TG being so late I mean that happens after every holiday it happens and then it's over that would happen whether it was late or not.....  But I don't think I will care that much I mean it will suck but also winter break will be coming ya know???

Wow it's like the time between now and TG is about the same time between TG and winter break

Yeah fanboys suck we already went over this but we can't let ourselves forget it.

And yeah I hope that about MJ too!!!!  I mean I love comics MJ so much I am sitting here thinking about seeing her in a movie and I am smiling so hard omg.

Tyt about my reasons list.  Okay I will answer your questions.

*She knew he was Spider-Man before he started fighting crime as Spider-Man like he already had the powers and the costume but he hadn't done anything heroic yet does that make sense??
*Oh Felicia is the Black Cat and it is significant because MJ always calls Peter tiger and Peter and Felicia were dating then but he didn't want Felicia to call him tiger because it reminded him of MJ and made him sad bc MJ had left him
*OMD is One More Day which is basically when a reboot thing happened to make Peter's secret identity secret again and to make it so Peter and MJ were never married ):

Okay here's some Hob pics

Tbh there are better wincest episodes so no probably not I hate bugs

Well I said I only kind of hate Deviantart and that is mostly because my friend has had her art reposted on there and yeah that's not cool.  Also it has all these weird things that idg like people keep giving me llamas and I hate llamas so

 Okay all you need to know is that I was trying to draw Spider-Man but with his black costume that is sometimes a symbiote alien life form

Tyt should I try to be more like Spider-man by setting my camera up somewhere and telling it to take pics automatically while I do stuff in front of it?

Aw man I want that towel.  I'm guessing you can probably get Spider-Man pajamas for children lots of places but where can you get them for me who knows

Yeah there was a Ms. Marvel but then she became Captain Marvel so now there can be a new Ms. Marvel yay!!!!

Tyt about my pic!

Well I don't know how many points of extra credit I got but doing the scene wasn't that bad I only had two lines but I think the worst part was that I think doing that made the rapist guy think we are friends now or something like on Friday in class he kept talking to me even more than usual and I didn't like it

Aw g my caramel apple was really good I would definitely recommend it

Tyt about my photos yeah I guess the wind turbine is kind of hard so see through the trees I can only kind of make it out but know where it was because it was easier to see when it was moving but it looked so cool but I guess I couldn't really get a good picture of it.

Aw man I want that turkey sandwich I want that caramel apple I'm so hungry can it just be lunch time tomorrow or

Actually I should probably eat dinner I don't think I can make it until tomorrow it's only 6:30 but I don't have any food and I don't want to go to the store my stomach is growly

Yeah nice movie and nice ship.  Isn't it so annoying when you hate a thing because people won't shut up about it but then you realize it's good? Then you have to be like okay nevermind....

Wow what is mom even.  Who was arguing which side?

Yeah I didn't watch Joss Whedon's speech but I saw enough about it to know it was bad.  That is definitely one of those times when someone should just shut up and let the people whose opinions actually matter be heard.

Aw man I want to go to a potluck brunch I am so hungry why is there so much talking about food in your post this is not helping me

Nice pics of our bro and your snack.  What the heckie is very berry clusters???

Wow why does everyone have a week off for Thanksgiving except me???

Yeah we gotta have latkes at Thanksgiving otherwise when are we going to have them??? Oh man I want some latkes please god end my suffering

Tyt about my posters!

Tyt about my piccies!!!  Well tbh I don't know much about that Ms. Marvel either because she is a new character so no one really knows much about her but I really like what I know about her so far!

Omg I forgot to talk about this in my last post for some reason but OMG Netflix is going to make a Daredevil series and  Jessica Jones series and  Luke Cage series and an Iron Fist series and a Defenders series????? Like???????  This is the best news ever??????  I love Daredevil omg I love Luke Cage omg street level superheroes please yes omg they are my faves!!!!!!!!!!!! omg omg omg

Speaking of Netflix there is a cute lil thing on there that's like a Marvel legos thing and it's the best thing ever basically.  Like okay the one yucky thing about it is that Loki is the main character and also Doc Ock is in it so double gross but also Spider-Man is in it probably the most and he is so small and yeah the whole thing is so cute and Spider-Man's angst and omg Wolverine is only in it to show up with his kabobs and it's so great

Though I would NOT eat kabobs off of Wolverine's claws omg those come out of his body and I don't think he ever cleans them like buddy no get some skewers

Okay there were some new TASM 2 pics released the other day and one of them is really cute bc Spidey is wearing a fireman hat that's absolutely adorable icqcme for this movie!!!!

Oh speaking of TASM I got irrationally angry today at someone using my favorite song from the TASM score on an Avengers fanmix like yeah I know it's called Saving New York but no you can't have it don't you have enough things stop taking mine

So sometimes I make vids and forget to upload them until months later

Gosh darn I forgot to take a pic today and now I'm sitting here in the dark and there's nothing to take a pic of.... okay I will take a pic of the darkness

Awww yeah look at those horrible red eyes starting at you in the black abyss

Welp have a nice day!

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