Saturday, November 9, 2013

chicken love

heyyyyyyyyyyyyy gs

nice post gob!!!!!!!! i wish all your posts could be like that :(

it still seems like a cat would have a time climbin up that but i guess cats are capable of more than we know

oh ok well that clears things right up!!!!!!!!! i guess you didnt kill anyone after all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yeah supernatural is dumb as sticks. whats the point of having 9 seasons of a show. do ppl even watch it even w/ those dumb gimmick eps or w/e

tyt about my muffies!!!

nah thats not where i work. i won a special backstage pass to that really great place. jj its where i work

wow december 2015 seems like a really long time away. like thats almost 2016 wtf. good thing i dont care

yeah i was talking to bad robot on fb the other day and she suggested we see the book thief and i would be down for it even though im feeling pretty negative about that movie like thats one of my favorite books and i never wanted it to be a movie for a lot of reasons and i was kind of underwhelmed by the trailer but im probably gonna end up seeing it so w/e. tho idk if some ppl wanna see it. also its really sad and like idk it seems like we usually see a lighter movie at tgiving but its fine w/ me

cool song

nice pic of your snack altho i think the question now is what did you do for that klondike bar............................................................................................

hmmm para it will suck when tgiving is over because tgiving will be over...................and yeah that will be nice that i wont have to wait long until you're home but other than that i'll have nothin going for me idk

oh ok yeah you should always blame fanboys for everything. and never trust them to begin with. well i hope when mj finally gets to be in an amazing spider man movie she is more like in the comics.

nice reasons list!!!! tho i have some questions:

*how the heck could she know he was spiderman before he knew this
*who is felicia and what does that have to do w/ anything
*whats omd

i guess thats all the questions

make more hob pics next time just a reminder!!!!

yeah now idk when i'll be able to see thor 2 bc mom and dad went to the movies while i was working and idk. i guess i could go any time but idk.

well that doesnt really mean anything because yeah you can look at gifs of the wincest-y parts that dont include the bugs parts but would you be willing to watch the whole ep and sit through through the bugs parts to see the wincest parts

why do you hate deviantart? idk a lot about it. oh nice that deadpool pic is a really small pic!!!

ok i dont understand these words youre saying about symbiote spiderman but thats ok

im so happy for you that you get to feel like spiderman

tru about lifeguards

ok i shoulda asked that child where he got his spiderman pajams. today i saw a baby with a lil spiderman towel but it had like a hood that was like spidermans mask. so small

wasnt there already a ms marvel? whys there a new one? thats really cool tho

really nice pic!!!!!!

thats a p crazy story about the rapist guy and the cabaret and latin and things. was doin that worth it

aw g i want some apple things. i meant to put apples on the list but i forgot so i think we havent any. i really wanted to eat them w/ caramel :(

nice photos. i see a lil bit of fall up in there. i see no wind turbine or mill tho. cool lunch. wow a turkey sandiwhc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok nice gc last night!!!!!!!!

p nice movie!!!!! especially p nice ship!!!! i didnt really expect to ship it bc i remember about 2 years ago when no one would shut up about that movie and that ship seemed so annoying but it was  good. i told noah that we watched it w/out him and he said that wasnt nice :)

the other day mom said they had an argument during her class about whether spiderman is an avenger lol

ok wow joss whedon is literally the dumbest person alive. i watched his whole stupid speech about feminism and i wanted to strangle him to death what an idiot please let him die he is garbage WOW I HATE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i s2g this is like a student was told to write a speech on feminism and he procrastinated and didnt start until the night before and he had no idea what he was talking about and decided to like talk about the word "feminist" itself and he said a whole bunch of stuff that didnt mean anything or make any sense wow i would kill that child. shut up hsut up shup sutp shtupshutpsu shtup shut up shut up shut shup shut sup shutpuishut shusp tusbhtusptuuh suthps hstup shup ujisyutusputfospdfuiguig!!!!!!!!!! wow he thinks racism is over but he dont put any poc in his things. ok i wanna kill joss whedon and get a kitten. tbh imagine killing all gross people and getting kittens. it would be like turning yucky babies into nice baby kittens :)


this week might be a good time bc like i think im going shoppin on monday and then on saturday im going to a potluck brunch that icqcme for. and i dont have to work that much really. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh

ok i think thats all i had to say who knows

well i really hecked up and forgot to take a pic and now i have nothin to snap but heres somethin

ok i guess i'll also take a pic of my snack. so heres very berry clusters and orange juice

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