Saturday, November 23, 2013

our new cat-bro

hey gs.

so it is 2 am and i am starting this blog post just because i can!

to answer your questions hob right now i don't really know like what kind of fandoms or anything i'm into rn because i'm not like super into in specific shows or movies or comics or anything right now really.  well like i guess this isn't really a fandom or anything but i'm just really into classical music and contemporary classical music right now.  i still really like star wars but i'm not really into it a ton now just because pretty much the only thing that is going on in the star wars universe is the expanded universe (eu) comic and books and i just like have gotten behind on a lot of eu stuff plus i didn't really like the direction the main post-movies story line was going.  but episode vii is hopefully going to be really awesome and a lot of cool stuff will probably come out around then!!!  idk what that is going to do to the eu though because the eu already covers 40+ years after the last movie.  they probably will just end up completely contradicting the eu and come up with a new story line but idk if the preexisting eu will continue or if it will be rebooted.  like up until now the eu has coexisted with the movies and they try their best to make nothing conflict (for the most part) but i imagine that is going to change.

my piano practicing went really well but i didn't even play the piece i practiced the most on and really hard on in my lesson!!! D:

well idk if by the time this post was posted you gs have gotten a present for me but like books or board/card games are always good! i'm pretty sure we've gotten you gs all your presents but some of them haven't arrived but they should arrive by tuesday at the latest.

idk when i am going to see thor 2.  maybe i might so see it sometime this week if someone else wants to go with me.  idk.

nice guide to getting started on the marvel universe!!! i think i might actually try to read some spiderman comics and/or some other marvel comics.  i feel like i know somewhat more than the average person would know about some of the stuff but obviously i don't really know that much and like some of it i've probably forgotten.

nice pics para!  i like the style of the more 3d/more depth/more realistic pictures you've been drawing lately!  well i like the more cartoony ones to though.

wow that would really suck to be an actor or actress in a movie and just get your whole role cut from the movie after all the work you put into it.  is mj planned to be in the third movie?

the oranges were pretty good but the pears were actually just so-so.  like they were better than they looked but still not great.

haha cm and i had some great nerf battles tonight!!!!!!! we are going to bring 4 or 5 of the nerf guns to tg and we should have some battles then!

wow so in addition to there being snow showers monday of next week in wisconsin there is chance of there being snow showers while we are there on saturday!!!!!!  that will be really nice if it is really snowy while we are there!

here is a picture of a list of things cm and i had to do today.  it also has a lot of random drawings on it!

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