Monday, November 25, 2013

mission: crush the goat!

Hey gs!!!!

Aww g too bad I will only be home for a little bit of hours to see that baby!  Let's bring her with us pls

Aw g I really wish we could see Thor 2 at Tgiving!!!!  I don't think it will be coming to Morris for a while.  Bleh you and Noah ought not spoil me Tgiving!!!!

I think they have Taboo there but we could bring it just in case they don't have it anymore or something.  That would be the worst thing to not have it!!!!!  That is the worst situation I dare to imagine!!!

Okay... I've been reading 19th century literature all day and it's having an odd effect on the wording of this post.

Wow I can't even envision a world in which I didn't steal food from the dining hall all the time.  Yeah you really shoulda done that.

Aw g well I don't really know John that well its doubtful that we would take me

Okay well I'm used to people spelling Spider-Man wrong all the time so

Aw g so basically you don't want me to have happiness because that is exactly what I want to be doing tomorrow but instead I will be waiting around really bored probably

Yeah I used to wear my spn shirts sometimes but not anymore but I already explained why

Okay well I still don't think I've ever had the experience of getting into a fandom and the thing doesn't salt my sugars.  I guess I just don't see why you would even get into the fandom when you don't really care for the thing that much idk

Okay I'm glad the thing helped you.  Well yeah okay so I didn't have anyone to guide me when I first started reading comics but I kind of thought I wanted to read Avengers comics so I decided to start at the beginning so I read like twenty issues of Avengers and they were okay to me but when I got to issue 11, that's when the Avengers first meet Spider-Man and I realized Spider-Man was the most fun character I had encountered in all those comics so that's kind of where my love for Spider-Man came from.  So then I decided I wanted to read Spider-Man comics instead and again I decided to start at the beginning and... I'm still reading through all of the Spider-Man comics oop. Though obviously I've read a lot of other comics since then haha.

Okay based on your interests I will give you some suggestions.

petermj doi 
Gosh okay I don't know.  If you're just interested in Peter and MJ's relationship in 616, I could give you specific issues you could read, but I can't really suggest a title for you, since you'd have to be skimming over a lot of other stuff.  I know there are limited series about it, but I haven't gotten to them yet. I would actually suggest reading Spider-Man: Blue, because even though it's centered on Peter and Gwen, MJ is in it, and also it's a really beautifully written series and has amazing art by Tim Sale, who did the art from Heroes, so it's almost like Isaac Mendez drew it haha.  Well okay if you're just interested in PeterMJ, here's some specific issues I would recommend. Amazing Spider-Man #42-43, which was the first full appearance of MJ and features Peter and MJ's first date, Amazing Spider-Man Annual #19, in which someone thinks MJ is secretly Spider-Man and MJ is a total let's see what else. Okay well the Christmas ish I was talking about is Spectacular Spider-Man #112 in case you're wondering. It's really hard to suggest specific issues because I would suggest reading Spider-Man comics for more than just PeterMJ.  Also because most of the PeterMJ greatness I still haven't read yet!!! Like I know JMS's run is really good for PeterMJ but that is still far ahead.  Okay but here's another suggestion.  Spider-Man Loves Mary-Jane isn't 616 but MJ is the main character and it does have some cute PeterMJ in it. I read the whole thing but I did find the high school relationship drama stuff a bit tiresome at times and felt myself craving action, but that could just be me.  Okay well I'll get back to you on this subject. Oh, as for what shows to watch for PeterMJ, Spider-Man: The Animated Series  from the 90s is the definitive PeterMJ show.  It will also break your heart because Peter loses MJ like 3 times!!! Oh! Also Spider-Man: The New Animated Series. That's also a good PeterMJ show that might also break your heart because well dang I don't want to spoil it.  Um also I'm still hoping for Peter and MJ to get together in Ultimate Spider-Man but we'll see.

thor doi doi doi
Thor: The Mighty Avenger!!!!!  It's the series I was reading on Mad Eye with the really cute art!  Yeah yeah yeah it's a really cute series!!! Cute Thor!!! Cute Jane!!! Cute cute cute!!!! As for what show to watch, definitely Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Gosh I love Thor in that.  Especially in like the last two episodes of the first season.  Yes good. Also Ultimate Spider-Man has a couple of really cute episodes with Thor, one where he's turned into a cute lil froggie, and one where he's turned into a cute little baby.

captain america
????? I'm sorry I don't know.... Um... I can tell you that you should not read his current title because it's....not good. But I swear if you read other comics you will encounter Captain America you can't avoid it haha.  Also watch EMH for Cap! Especially in season 2!!!

hawkeye mayb
I highly recommend the current Hawkeye title!!!  It's actually just Hawkeye vol 1. But yes it is a very good comic and features two Hawkeyes and a dog who loves pizza! Um as for what show, this is starting to get redundant but EMH has lots of Hawkeye.

jus the avengers in general
Avengers vol. 4 is really great. The lineup it starts with is Bucky as Captain America, Hawkeye, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Spider-Woman, Thor, and Maria Hill.  Other Avengers join later on, but yeah it's really good.  Also if you want to read something a little more recent, Avengers Assemble  is pretty good too and the first eight issues have the same Avengers from the movie. As for what show, obviously for the Avengers I have to suggest EMH again.

???? Um some X-Men comics probably.  I just read some really great Spider-Man comics with Wolverine but you might not want that idk. Wolverine also just shows up everywhere I really don't know. But I do know what show!!!  Wolverine and the X-Men!!! Gosh Abby and I watched that whole show in like two days because Wolverine.

jus x-men in general idek
I want to read more X-Men comics but I just don't know.  I starting reading the current just X-Men title because it's like all women but then I forgot I was reading that. Um I would also suggest Wolverine and the X-Men for just X-Men in general because they're in that too haha

squirrel girl doiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Oh my gosh if you like really sad comics then read Great Lake Avengers.  Haha I thought it was going to be lighthearted midwestern fun but then it was like people dying all the time and sadness.

that civil war thing prob
Civil War is an event so you should probably just read the whole thing.  Um I still haven't read it actually oop.

deadpool???? idk!!!!!
Um I'd suggest Deadpool vol. 4 which is the current Deadpool title.

Oops those got way more lazy as they went on haha I wrote an like an essay for PeterMJ and then one line for Deadpool sorry.

Yeah Daredevil is an Avenger though he doesn't stick around them very much. Are you still patting me on the back even though I wrote that huge glug thing about PeterMJ and then tiny little things for everyone else cause I swear I didn't plan that.

Haha I'm laughing again about that haha thing haha

Aw g those qs about PeterMJ are impossible to answer.  Yeah try to think up some real qs

I'm planning to try to turn it into a fanmix but that's such work

Aw g well maybe that is why I know those jamz haha

Yeah that's the very same pic!  Wow but speaking of Noah and people posting my art on tumblr.... My very own brother posted my art on tumblr....... Also it wasn't one I posted on Deviantart so he must have searched through our blog to get it.... Um.....

Wtf does Noah want to fuck the entire Olympic swim team????  Okay??????

Yeah wow I couldn't even stalk Noah's blog the other day because there was too much Doctor Who bleh

Okay well I feel like you either know all of these jamz or maybe I even got them from you or gave them to you before but try these

*plea from a cat named virtue-the weakerthans
*i'd rather be with you-joshua radin
*north by north-faded paper figures
*scar that never heals-jeremy fisher
*free pizza for life-ghost mice
*buildings and mountains-the republic tigers
*what to do-ok go
*lies-the pierces

What is the dessert????  Well maybe I will know of it by the time you post but

Aw g well if I can't have that PeterMJ playlist you should turn it into a fanmix I guess

Tyt about my sneaky pic!!!

Tyt about my other pics!!!!

Bleh why did you talk about Loki at din?

Haha that is so hilarious to me.  I guess they probably couldn't get the same guy to play John but that's just funny.

Aw g well maybe we can do some group posts at Tgiving!!!

Here's a list of things I have to do before Tgiving:
*put my jamz on my pod
*get some money from the atm so I can pay the person who's giving me a ride

Cute piccie!!!!

Bleh I need to scroll past those Thor 2 spoilers to get to Gob's post to respond to him bleh bleh

2 am Gob write really great posts!!!!

Tyt about my guide to the Marvel universe. That's really cool that you want to read Spider-Man comics!!!! If you want I can give you some at Tgiving so you don't have to dl them?????

Tyt about my pics!  Yeah I like those pics too but they take a lot longer to draw haha

Yeah MJ is planned to be in the third movie but they might recast her so if they do it will still suck for the actress.

Awww yeah nerf battles.  Remember when we played that assassin game or whatever?  Maybe we could try doing that again????

It's so crazy that tomorrow I will be going home!!! Even though it's not until the evening I am completely done with classes until after Thanksgiving!!!!

Wow I just realized I'm only a few issues away from the PeterMJ wedding???!?!??!?!!??!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I WILL NOT SURVIVE THIS IN MY CURRENT STATE

Okay here's my Supergirl vid!!!

Okay time for the game.

Well there was nothing to take a picture of again so I was playing around with my webcame and I discovered there are a lot more effects than I had previously realized!

This is me with a tiny face

This is my pointy chin

This is my giant cranium

This is what it would be like if there were 2 of me and they really liked each other

This is a bubble party!!!!

Okay we still have time for pics we can still do this okay

Well okay the other day I saw some dumb fanboys saying Gwen and MJ were never friends and it made me sad so I drew this

Also here's cartoony Peter and MJ again.  Okay because sometimes they like to fight over Peter being Spider-Man.  The first picture is when MJ gets really mad at Peter and he's afraid because as previously established in this post MJ is a badass and she likes to get revenge in creative ways.  And in the second pic is when they're just mad at each other because they both think the other person is right but they don't want to say it because they're stubborn.  And then the third picture is when MJ is trying to voice her concern about Peter but he's just like blah blah great power blah blah great responsibility. 

Wow okay finally finished this post. Hob, I'll see you tomorrow!!! Gob, I'll see you on Wednesday!!! Have a nice day!

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