Saturday, November 2, 2013

the greater cat

heyyy gs.

wow we are actually having a gc for the first time in awhile!!!  except i had to leave to finish this post, but i will be back.

yeah that is super crazy that tg is so late.  i only have 2 more weeks of school (study week and then finals week) right after tg.

wow i'm pretty sure i suggested this game once before and you gs said no but oh well.  i like the idea of the new game for november!

here is a picture of miriam when she and kasandra came over to visit today!

hahaha i almost started to type the postive/negative game because i am just so used to doing that.  well i mean if ever want to it's not like there's a rule saying i can't make a list of positives and negatives in my post but i don't need to do it.

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