Wednesday, November 13, 2013

the impossible goat!

Hey gs!

I do not want to see the Hunger Games either.  Well it's not too late for everyone in your family to watch Thor, Gob.   Also they should probably watch the Avengers too because Thor 2 takes place after that and probably some of what happens in that movie will be important but idk.

Aw g well my friend and I might go to Alexandria this weekend to see it so we will see if that pans out.  Otherwise yeah it will come to Morris eventually but how much longer can I avoid spoilers we just don't know.

Yeah but you can still be excited for my winter break because I am your small little g who you love to see all the time right

Yqw for answering your questions.  Yeah that's p sad also Spock p much ruined any chance of them getting back together any time soon so that's p sad also like they are p much screwed

Tyt about the Hob pics I will try to make more so you should try to say more darn things haha

Haha yeah I guess like wow there's this one part in TASM that really creeped me out the first few times I saw it but I think I'm mostly desensitized to it now because I've seen it so many times because I love that darn movie.  Also lots of other times in other things like it can't really be avoided.  Wow like I read this comic where someone was controlling spiders and making them kill people and on the one hand it was hilarious because Spider-Man was also affected by it so he was just going along with these little spiders to kill people but on the other hand that was horrifying because spiders were killing people. Sometimes I forget that I hate spiders because of my love for Spider-Man but then I see a spider and I remember oop

Haha yeah that was when my hatred of llamas really developed. That was a horrible experience.

Darn I ate meatballs today but I didn't bring my camera. Why???  Well actually it might have been awkward doing that today because the dining hall was pretty crowded and also I wasn't eating my myself and also I don't actually know how to set up a camera to take pics automatically.

Yeah they have hot dogs in the dining hall sometimes but they're not the best hot dogs tbh.  Wow your knowledge of Spider-Man is so great I'm so proud of you yeah he loves hot dogs.

Well I don't know the extra credit will go to my lowest test score.  I only know one test score so far and it was v good but I took another test a while ago and I will find out the score soon.  That was a harder test so the extra credit might be useful for that or possibly the last test idk.  But yeah it seems less and less worth it because the dumbo guy keeps wanting to work with me every time and I hate him and I hate working with him bleh. And he keeps high fiving me and I don't like touching him make it stop.

Haha yeah that is what I was thinking of.  Though tbh sometimes I still wish people would shut up about the Avengers because I'm tired of Loki fans and Coulson and jokes about Thor and Superfamily and bleh

Oh okay my favorite Avenger is Spider-Man.  Though if someone was making a survey about that I don't think I would be surprised if they didn't include Spider-Man because like when I think of Avengers I don't think of Spider-Man really like tbh he's on a lot of teams but he's more of a loner character like there are definitely a lot of other characters more associated with the Avengers.  But then again I wouldn't be surprised if he was included because he is so awesome he should be everyone's favorite.

Yeah that's why I said it's one of those times.  Yeah bleh I want to stab people when that happens like man just shut your darn mouth

Nah g it's working great! Or am I just saying that because it's the middle of the week and I have three days of eating two meals a day behind me and two days ahead of me?  Well who knows ask me again on Saturday if it's still working great. Noooo please let's not have weekened laziness at TG that is the only thing keeping me going!

Hahahaha c3r3al

Aw g that's a lot of hours.  But yeah I know what you mean like a break is so much better if it's actually a break yeaah.

Awww yeah latkes!!!! Tell mom I will help her make them if that will entice her to do so. Tell her I will help her make anything if that will entice her to do so.  I really want food.

Yeah I think they are going to be four separate serieses that will like link together.  Yeah it is a lot so that's really exciting!  Some guy who worked on Lost is going to be the writer for the Daredevil series so that sounds promising I think like Lost had a horrible ending but it had good writing I think

Idk because lots of people like Loki bleh yeah I didn't think I wanted to watch it either but it's really really cute!!!  I mean Loki is just like the main villain throughout the whole thing and a lot of other villains and heroes are also in it so that's why I say he's the main character but Spider-Man is probably the main hero in it.

Tyt about my vid!

Tyt about my photo! Nah that's just a horrible red-eyed monster waiting in the darkness to gobble me whole.

Aw g I still need to listen to the songs from the Spider-Man musical idk why I keep forgetting to do that

Well I had a dream I was Harry Potter and I was trying to kill Voldemort idk

Nice stuff you got!  Esp the Cap shirt and the Thor bag but those sweaties and booties look really cozy and nice!

Icqcme for my prezzies!! How the heckie am I supposed to go to Hot Topic???

Well I have like??? 9??? Marvel shirts????  I don't have a Thor shirt or a Deadpool shirt though bleh I wish I had those

Tyt for the jamz Gob

Okay here's a pic of my new backpack I bought on Saturday.  I actually did need a new backpack bc my old one was hanging on my a string and this one was way on sale and is also really awesome and really nice actually.

Icr anything else I was going to say in this post so that's all have a nice day!

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