Friday, February 7, 2014


heyy gs

sorry for the last suck post.

this one will be better though!

okay first i am going to respond to a ton of stuff i didn't respond to.

i get what you mean para about not wanting to watch trailers because you feel like you will have seen so much of the movie before you even see the whole thing.  i kinda felt that way with the last star wars movie just because there was so much hype and i wanted to like watch every single one of the trailers.  idk, i like to know a little bit about the movie going in but not too much.

haha nice vid even though i don't really know or get where the audio comes from.

awesome pictures!!!  haha at first i didn't get why peter and mj were in front of escalators but then i realized it's probably a convention center and i was like duh.

that lego marvel game actually looks really fun!!  maybe i will have to see if i get it even though idk if i really have time to like play and beat a videogame.

that vegetarian chicken noodle soup looks really delicious hob!! wow i could really go for some nice hot soup right now.

haha nice webcam pics of you para!  that was fun at tg when we did that on your laptop.  idk if my laptop has software with effects built in or not

aw g i guess i'll just never understand rusty.  haha well sometimes i do ask about things like rusty and beep boop bob and you gs just say not to worry about it.

tyt about my snow pic.

nice pic of what you bought at target hob!  what marvel faces specifically are those on the shirt though?

i don't really have much to talk about for anything today...idk.

oh yeah, in spanish we played this vocab game for bonus points and it was really fun.  i answered every question right and like everyone on my team was like, "omg you're so smart!!!"  and i was like "not really, i just studied the vocab for like 15-20 minutes this week and it isn't that hard vocab..."  and then on the last round that was like a wager for points everyone on my team wanted me to go up so i would win but i didn't.  :(  i knew the word (the word for beer in spanish) and i saw where it was but i just didn't get there fast enough and when i tried to get to the flashcard the girl i was going up against blocked me with her elbow and got it first.

  i like my spanish teacher a lot because she's really young (i think she's a grad student) and like she knows to make the class fun but also to make it so we learn a lot.

oh yeah, my mom and dad and i started watching elementary since we've watched all of sherlock.  it seems a lot more procedural than sherlock but i think it still seems good and maybe it will get even better eventually.  we only watched the first two episodes

hmmm what to use for my picture....

here is my baton i bought for my conducting class!  i still really suck at conducting though it's a fun class so i still enjoy it.  i'm nervous about conducting a little bit of a piece in front of the class on tuesday though.  i think it should go okay if i just practice some this weekend.

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