Saturday, February 1, 2014

it's just a reflektor

hey gs

i'm actually starting my post way earlier today than i usually do because i have an assignment that is due at midnight today and i don't want to be rushing to finish my blog post and my assignment at the same time.

ahhh i feel really pressured to come up with an awesome game for this month!  i haven't come up with one yet but i will by the end of this post for sure!

hmm well we could do a 30 days challenge of some sort...or well since it is february then a 28 day challenge haha. but idk, that's kinda boring

okay am i the only one in the world that doesn't care even the tiniest little bit about the super bowl?  i don't even care about the commercials to be honest.  haha one of my friends was talking about this week and i was like, "is it this sunday or next sunday?" because honestly i had no idea.

ahh well that was worthless...when i started my post i only had a little time and then i had to play piano at this charity even thing and that took up a bunch of my day and then i realized i had more spanish to do than i thought and with dinner and everything in there i just now finished my spanish and i hadn't had time for anymore on my blog post...

okay though like maybe instead of just rushing to post this and saying i will come back to add more, maybe i should just keep typing and post it like 30 minutes late or so.

well like i think i didn't fall asleep like literally while i was typing my post but i said i was just going to rest my eyes for a little bit.  idk. icr

tyt for the comic links para!  i need to remember to download it this weekend before i go back to school where i could get in trouble for illegally downloading stuff.

i'm not sure i understood what the point of the spongebob video was then...

yeah like i loved the first track when i came out and like i listened to album and i didn't like many of the other tracks as much as i liked the first one (reflektor) but maybe i just wasn't like paying close attention or was in a bad mood or something when i listened to it first.  idek

tyt about my song hob!

wow why has everything been rusty lately?

okay i really could just be done with this post already if i could come up with a game...

okay so my idea for the game is to do a repeat of the game where you take a picture and put it in your post BUT this time you have to say at least a paragraph about it.  hob said that would be okay, but if you don't want to do this para we can try to think of something else.

okay this is a picture of a piece of music i am working on writing.  it's a piece for full orchestra and i've been working on it for a super long time so i'm kinda burned out on it.  but i think it will be cool to finish it and have the orchestra at my school do a reading of it!  idk if it will turn out well enough to actually get performed or not but i hope i can get it performed in at least some way because i've put so much hard work into it.  the piece is like 7 or 8 minutes long.  i'm not sure exactly how long it is but like it is a ton of work writing out all the parts for all the instruments and everything, and like making sure things are balanced.

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