Friday, February 21, 2014


heyyyyyyyyyyyyy gs


yea gob hecked up what the heck. not that we havent seen this from him before so we dont think he probably died while he was in the middle of writing his post but we cant rule that out completely cuz it could happen.

my should is [cooking mama voice] getting better

actually its mostly better

oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo our guyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and sum other glugs. yea i feel the same about this casting. wow i cant frickin believe that this sue is a white g even tho i didnt kno that she was siblings w johnny but now that i kno this i cant frickin believe. well i can believe that they would do a thing but its still dum. yea that reed burrito man look like a glug. actually burritos look really good so i cant say i think he looks like a burrito but still in a way he does. also i like that man who's playin whats his name but a jewish guy would hav been good. oh well. at least i got my guy. wow i do not kno a thing about fantastic four. i guess i will kno when i see this movie haha. jk ill kno bout johnny at least when i read that thing paras gonna bring me. wow we were jus sayin about them filming this movie and now that could be a real possibility

ok g im jus sayin it might have been preferable to try and make that guy hate you than to marry him idkkkkkk. aw g doubtful that that ipod would go for v much on the internet. actually maybe it might cuz its like an antique ooooooooooo

yea that was really bad of us to make that asian soup. espec when we like asked namfon to tell us if it tasted asian or somethin. remember when we made a cake in the night and it was a sloppy mess

aw g march might be ok cuz we have your break and we hav my trip at the end of it. tho the weather will prob be worthless still

aw bud didnt you find some spider-man costumes online that would work for ya? would you wear it all the time if you had it

yea i dont really care either way for venom being in an avengers movie and like he was not the part of that dream that was good to me. like jus anyone coulda been kidnapped in it. spider-man, for example. would tony get mad about that and put all the avengers on trial? we have no way of knowing

well some mj in a dream is better than no mj. the other morning i woke up and felt like maybe i had had a petermj dream but i had no way of knowing.

i dont care whether spider-man keeps answering the qs or not and i dont care who answers them i just wanted to kno where the heck theyre from cuz they are really weird qs like they keep talking about a diary and things and theres so many of them that they just keep coming

yea we should watch that captain america thats on your comput

what the heck why did they jus go and change that card reader thing. that dont seem right

yes that guardians of the galaxy trailer is something. actually it didnt really do anything for me and i didnt kno what the heck i was seeing. just based on the trailers im still more excited for dofp. i really like that trailer

nice talk about comics

nice answers

nice dinner pic i guess but if you're just gonna keep drawing pics of your dinner you could at least draw a good pic one time.

when i started this post i was in a good mood and now im in an annoyed mood

yesterday hawkeye typed this:


but i had no pizza to give her

also yesterday i was tryin to hav my heating pad but she stole it

thats my pic i guess

this post has gone to the cats

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