Tuesday, February 18, 2014

bleh blah blooh

heyyyyyyyy gs

im bored and my should is bad

bleh para stop goin on about your backgrounds already!!!!

yea we want fantastic four filming!!!!!!!!!!!!

yea i might hav thought captain america and thor were the same movie too or somethin

awww yea thats cool abt ellen page. tho that even more makes me wish she was the main g in our dofp

aw bud why couldnt you just have like done things to make that guy hate ya so he would break up w you? well thats crazy that he has your same ipod cuz i didnt think most people had a thing like that anymore

yea thats tru i dont kno why we always heck everything up when we cook a thing togethy but

well right now i want a nice good spring tbh. that sound so nice. but so does summer. idk if i'd rather have spring in march or summer in march. just not stewy pewy winter

ok if that was your intentions when makin that vid then you are cold as ice

inbd about your pics. jk i loved them g

aw g you dont need to be a lil boy to wear a spider-man costume all the time. just do it

it wasnt my arm, it was my hand. nah im p sure the blood was out of it cuz i felt it rushing back in. that was kind of yucky. wow bad things keep happening when i awake. first my hand was rubber, then my shoulder was bad, then noah was in the kitchen eating cereal. that was the worst of all. well i should prob stop going to sleep

nah the avengers werent mad abt venom being kidnapped. just tony was. i think. in fact three of the avengers he suspected of kidnapping the guy. too bad that movie cant be real cuz venom and avengers were in different circles in that chart. well i alreayd knew that but my heart wanted that dream and wouldnt listen to reason, i guess.

tyt bout my din

tyt about my valentines

wow crazy dream!!!!  i dream of havin a dream w mj in it

aw g ya keep heckin up the game. nice dinner tho

nice spider answers. ok where the absolute heck are you getting all the qs from and when they gonna end

aw g i kno the feeling of keep getting caught up on a sho and then getting behind. dang those currently-on-air shows.

aw g gob well tryna watch breaking bad w/ my parents sucks on ice. and watching only one ep in a weekend is really normal for us. in fact only one ep a week is about what we watch. dang.

same i dont like cheesecake either. amazing

ok cap hows the cc planning coming??????????????

tyt about my dinner. haha i guess i could cook you dinner if you really want idek

yea i dont remember my dreams that often but for some reason there will occasionally be several days in a row where i remember them and that has been my last few days. tho that might have ended by now

aw g sounds like you dont know the way to use ebay. millions of people do. so can you.

nice baby!!!!!

dang captain america got taken off netflix when i was in the middle of watching it. tho tbh ive been watching it for about three months but still why'd it get offa there?

chocolate milk is so yummy

bleh my neck and shoulder hurt like nothing else. i hope i die today. last might i slept on our couch cuz i didnt wanna do laundry and take a shower and go upstairs and things. this is related to my hurting so thats why i said it

omg today it was like 45 degrees. spring has sprung!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jk this only lasting two days


ok tomorrow might be a good day or suck on ice but im just waiting to hear a thing and then ill kno but i wanna kno already!!!!!!!! bleh pls let it not suck on ice i need this!!!!!!!! and pls let me kno already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bleh well this got all hecked up cuz now i sort of kno but not really. ok its like i was supposed to close at work tomorrow but then they asked if i could be there all day and i said no way jose cuz i aint feelin my best but i said i could do the mornin shift which would be way better cuz i wouldnt hav to close and after 3:30 i could be done w work until sunday. and also mom would hav to drop me off a lil early and i was gonna go in the hot tub before work but they said they would hav to find someone to do the closing shift and now theyre like can you work from 10:30 til 5 and they still havent found a person to close and first of all 10:30 is later than i wanted cuz i'd get there around 8:30 and 5 is also later than i wanted and is not a time that i would be able to be picked up and it sounds to me like theyre tryna get me to close early which i dont wanna do at all and now i'd hav to close plus work an extra 1.5 hours when really i jus wanna die on the floor. wow now i prob wont kno til morning and all i want is to go to bed knowing i wont have to close

ok that made a bad mood out of me

heres my lunch from today

i got it at the same place as my sandwich frm last week but it was not as good but prety good. what we hav here is butternut squash lasagna and horseradish greens and roasted vegetables and some chai. the chai i did not like cuz it was really gingery and so i couldnt enjoy my lunch the most amount cuz i didnt hav my good drink

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