Tuesday, February 4, 2014

this post was canceled because of the snow

ahhh i almost forgot to post.

i'll do it for real later tonight or tomorrow (serious this time)

okay i know that this is really late and it's not even the same day anymore but i'm going to go ahead and make this into a real post anyways.

maybe i'm asking both, why everything is so rusty and why you gs are using the word rusty to describe so many things!

last night it snowed soooo much here.  here's a picture of it starting last night!  it's cool how it has this blue tint to it, even though that was probably just my phone's camera being bad.  there was like a foot of snow when i woke up this morning.

blehh i really was going to make this into a better post but something put me into a really shitty mood tonight so i don't feel like typing anymore :(

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