Wednesday, February 12, 2014

chicken surprise

heyyyyyyyyyyyy gs

starting this post at 11:30 am instead of like.......a time

ok g we hecked up w your video oh well

yea tru idk if i love elementary but i love the fact that it exists

dang yea well it sounds like comic con aint gonna happen since no one will be the captain america of it but i wanna go to the mall of america!!! well if cousin camp is gonna be in minnesota, it sounds like gob should take charge of that........

aw g i like the background tho????

nah g im gonna be the loki of planning comic con. like this lazy guy who sits in a chair and watches tv and makes other ppl do stuff

yea idk if you put exactly the same pics and words but you did like basically the same stuff idk

well i did see kitty in that gr8 ep of spider-man and his amazing friends!!!!

i think noah made that powerpoint idk. yea that lil boy is a lil dum.

aw g you follow a buncha glugs i guess. you should unfollow every person who likes frozen haha. i dont kno how to get rid of it frm this earth but i wanna

oooooooooo i dont kno this falcon but im glad its someone super cool!!!!! i was worried it was a glug

nice pic of your din altho that sounds like a p rusty din. i do not really like meatloaf and mashed potats even when theyre from home and if from a cafeteria that sounds even worse. ah well

what the fresh h*** i didnt kno you had a bf. well tyt for your negativity!! thats a lot of it!!! that guy sounds like a big g. especially that he keeps his cookies in fridge wow!!!!!!! wait is this the guy who you wanted to "unfriend" or is that an even dif guy

nice more answers pete!!

aw g we wish you coulda uploaded your vid

wow gob its p great that you keep actually responding to stuff in your posts!!! nice job buddy.

aw g one time when i was in a dorm the fire alarm went off in the middle of the night and me and my roommate just stayed in the room hehe

tyt about my shirt

aw bud i already said that i more just love the fact that elementary exists but its just this good thing idk what to tell you

haha icqcml at your dad watching that movie twice in a row. well the AI blah blah stuff is mostly why i wanna see it but idc that much about like "how plausible it would be in the future" and stuff

dang that pho or whatever looks so yum. even tho i dont eat beef i want it. dang that bubble tea looks sooooooo yumm. i want it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bleh i want some bubble tea so bad

yea same about having a big dinner and then getting hungry late at night. tho tonight i just had dinner like an hour ago so maybe i wont get that hungry. tho it was a p small din

well today idk i did not a thing and then went to work and it was p slow for once so that was nice and then i came home and was gonna have some leftover daddyo soupe but i learned that we're now having that soup tomorrow so i had nothing to eat and it was like ok i had thought about eating some pizza at work but i thought there would be soup to have so that was really rusty. but i had some pizza from our freezer but it wasnt that great cuz its a kind that hasnt any cheese. but i put on cheese but still

aw g para on saturday im gonna make a valentines dinner w/out you :(

dang i just remembered i have to do laundry. daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang

oh my gosh i just saw an mj fanmix. god bless america

my petermj fanmix is the rustiest thing ever. petermj is just no good

WOW IS IT SPRING OR SUMMER YET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THATS ALL I CAN THINK ABOUT BESIDES PETERMJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok heres a pic or two. its from yesterday but


ok what we have here is the most delicious lunch ever, basically. it was a bbq mock duck sandwich and fresh orange juice!!!!!!!! it was really something. i got it from this co-op grocery place near my bookstore but it was hecka expensive so i prob not it it every week. ah well. well this is relevant to today cuz i had a leftover half of sanwich for lunchy.

i love mj

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