Monday, February 10, 2014

why do i get so hungry late at night?

heyyy gs.

starting this post at 9:30 pm instead of like 11 or something...aww yeah.

oh sorry para, i didn't go to the youtube page because i just clicked play right on the goblog where the video was embeded.

wow i actually kinda want to answer all those 300 questions.  maybe i will go back and answer some of them once i respond to everything and say everything i had to say if i still have time.

i like how you used all different kinds of spider-man media in that vid you made para!  like from comics, to the tv show, to the movies.

nice pic of your hallway and the people in it!  that same thing has happened at my dorm with the fire alarm except we had to stand outside in the cold for a really long time

that marvel shirt is awesome hob!

tyt about my post hob!

yqw about your soupie!

yqw about your pic of what you bought at target!

on sunday we had really yummy vietnamese food for dinner!!!

idg why you love elementary if you haven't even seen it....

and like maybe the episodes will get less procedural and there will be more of a story arc once the season progresses.  we only watched 2 eps.

tyt about my baton

yeah her was really good!  i saw it once in theaters and then i downloaded it online and watched it again.  haha omg icr if i told you gs this or not but when i went to see it with my mom and dad, my dad stayed at the movie theater to see it a second time like right after he just saw it and like he didn't get home until around 1 am...i guess the reason he liked it so much and wanted to watch it again was because of like the artificial intelligence concepts and i guess he wanted to see how plausible he thought it would actually be in the future.

that mocha and sandwich looks yummy!

here is a picture of the pho i got!  it had beef and noodles, and bean sprouts in ti.  haha i ordered the large size which was called a "super bowl"  and you can't really tell in the picture but it was soooo huge.  i didn't finish it all but it was good as leftovers when we took it home.

here is a picture of the watermelon bubble tea i got!  it was really good (though not the best bubble tea i've ever had) though i kinda wish i had gotten the green tea bubble tea.  maybe i will get it next time i go there.  bubble tea is so yummy.

awww yeah, i got a $35 amazon gift card for just completing this survey my school sent to my email.  i should get something from there soon.

aww g even if i have a huge dinner i always get so hungry late at night.  blehhhh i'm so hungry i could die

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