Tuesday, February 25, 2014

i'm hungry for breakfast right now

hey gs!

wow this is the last week of feburary!  i can't wait for march and here are all the reasons why!

-Hob visiting!
-Big Ears Music Festival
-Seeing this famous contemporary music string quartet, the Kronos Quartet play some weekend
-Seeing the Firebird at the Indianapolis Symphony
-Spring break

okay so i've been watching all the seinfeld episodes in a row recently because like i've always seen just random episodes here and there on tv but i've never seen like every single episode and i didn't realize there were so many recurring characters.  like i knew about newman and jerry's parents and george's parents and a couple of the other ones but like there are a lot more people that keep showing up in different episodes than i thought there were.  haha and wow the 4th season is sooooo meta.  it is like all about george and jerry writing a script for a tv show on nbc that is basically the same show as seinfeld.  and like they are looking for actors to play fictionalized versions of themselves when like jerry seinfeld already is playing a fictionalized version of himself.

well all of the guardians of the galaxy seem cool but groot looks cool to me as well.

wow kate mara is in the show i've been watching house of cards and i can't really imagine her as sue storm but that necessarily mean she will be bad for it.  i really like her character on house of cards so maybe i will like her as sue storm.  i don't really know the other 3 actors from anything though.

nice pic of your cheddar chex mix para!  i've never tried that but i don't think i would like it though because i don't like most cheddar cheese stuff

nice pic of your french toast hob!!!!

 here is a picture of mine i had that morning too!  it was so yummy!!!  i don't even usually like breakfast that much but i think french toast is one of the few breakfast foods i wouldn't mind having every morning.  i had another 2 pieces with nutella also!  it was also supper delicious!

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