Sunday, February 16, 2014


hi gs.

uhh i knew it was the same thing because you said it was like meatloaf and mashed potatoes and salad!

wow yeah maybe my dad is a wizard.  i could see that being true.

yeah elementary seems pretty good so far but it is frustrating watching tv shows with my dad in the loop because he is always too busy or too tired to watch and episode  and it like takes so long to find time to watch an episode of the show! D:  blehh like the same is happening with house of cards season 2 right now.  it has been out a whole weekend and we've only watched 1 episode...and like something major and shocking happened in the first episode too!

no i didn't start pooping harder when i read that in the bathroom, because i didn't feel the need to and i was comfortable at the rate i was going.

nice pic of your dinner para!  bleh i don't like cheesecake though.  the other day i tried some cheesecake cm was eating and it was so gross.

awesome vid para!!!!  i really liked the part where it showed different versions of spider-man pulling his mask over his face and putting it on.

oh yeah para i've connected to wiimotes to my computer before to play this free version of guitar hero where you could get like a ton of different songs.  but at least on my computer it was really hard to get working right but it probably just depends from computer to computer and like what bluetooth device you have

tyt for answering those questions i submitted to you.

wow those petermj pics are really nice!  the style of the backgrounds is really cool

aw yeah i'm the captain america of cc planning!

wow if avengers 2 has started filming, star wars episode 7 is probably going to start filming pretty soon too!  though actually maybe it will start like a bit later actually because i forgot that it got pushed back from being released in the summer of 2015 to the winter of 2015.

wow omg that dinner you made looks so amazing and delicious hob!!!  yeah the same to what my mom said on facebook, you should cook a dinner while you are here visiting us!

nice thor valentines!!!

wow i wish i remembered my dreams more often.  haha that's really random about seth bringing 50 friends to tg.

okay now i know that the class i was talking about in the gc that doesn't happen every monday is happening this monday.  i found a list of which days we were meeting on the facebook page for the class

blehh i hate ebay.  i was really excited to get this thing because it was way cheaper than it would be to just buy it but a ton of people started bidding in like the last 5 minutes of the auction and it got more expensive than i wanted to pay for it.  there's another one up for bid for a really low price and i'm going to try bidding on that auction too but maybe the same thing will happen again.  and i just really wanted to go ahead and get it but now i have to wait at least 2 days, if not more to even buy it, plus who knows how long the shipping will take.  i guess i am just an impatient gob.  the thing i wanted to get is this looping station to loop music's a video of this one artist using it to like show what i mean if you don't get it.  like she records her voice and layers it on top of each other.

here's the person that is using the same looping station that i was bidding on.  i saw her live when she opened for sigur ros and it was really cool.

idk what picture to put in this post because this has kinda just been a boring day...actually it's been a pretty boring weekend too.  oh yeah i know what picture i can use for the post.

here is a picture of miriam in her car seat!  it was fun seeing her again because i haven't seen her in awhile.  but what was too bad is she's at a stage where she's having stranger anxiety and because she hadn't seen me in awhile she would cry anytime i was alone in the room with her. :(  like she would only let my mom hold her because she's been down to bloomington more recently i guess.

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